Sunday, 15 September 2019

Sunday Stitches

Wow, talk about putting on a 'non boring' morning tea... Alison, De and Tatyana put on a fabulous morning tea.  These girls found out it was International Sewing Month and ran with it as a theme for morning tea... what a great idea, just brilliant and I am very sorry that miss Helen missed it..
The girls included lots of sewing items on the table, right down to the table clothes...

Here we have strawberry thimbles and apple needles...
Pretty pincushion...

De made some gorgeous pins and pin cushion (aka - toothpicks)...
There was an apple cake decorated with sewing notions and even had pins (aka malteeser toothpicks) on top..
We had bobbins (aka grapes)...
Buttons...(AKA chocolate biscuits)..

A closer look at the needles (AKA apple slices)..
Absolutely fabulous girls....mmm the bar has been lifted....  definitely NOT BORING...

UFO's for the month ..
Here are Cheryl's mesh re-usable fruit/vegie grocery bags... (mental note - I need to make some of these)..

Alison's Road Trip Quilt ...

Close up of the mitred corners on Alison's quilt..well done Alison..
Show n Tell has  always been a hit with the girls and today was not exception..
Inca's finished quilt..

A finish for Susan...

De had some bags to show us...

Alison's quilt for her hubby...
I had some quilt's to show today as well - yes I know - I have been quilting...
This one is for my 7 year old Grandson.
This one is for my 3 year old Grandson...
This is the Hen House - I have three blocks given to me by the Tuesday Girls for my birthday..
End of show n tell and today we all donated draw string bags filled with bathroom items for the homeless - In May we donated bags for women (mother's day) and this time round it was for father's day..
We also had a visitor today, well it felt like a visitor, one of our regular girls has not been well and has missed quite a few meetings, but today she joined us for a few hours..  I, unfortunately, didn't get any photo's of Noela to put on this post, I wonder if anyone else did?.   It was great seeing her today and hopefully she will be able to come more regularly in the future..
Great day girls - exceptional job girls with the morning tea, beautiful show n tell and lovely special visit - yep all in all a fabulous day..
cheers girls..

Friday, 6 September 2019

Sunday Stitches Retreat in Toowoomba

The Sunday Stitches held their very first Toowoomba retreat this month and what a fun time that was..
We left on the Friday morning, meeting up at the Quilter's Inn in Rosewood.  I forgot to take photo's here but it was a great place to visit and will head back there another day when not on such a tight schedule.  We then headed down the road to Harry's Place for morning tea and a bit of a chin wag..

After leaving Rosewood, we all headed to Toowoomba to do a little more retail therapy before checking in to our accommodation..  Second stop was M K Creations, what a surprise this was.. I'm not sure what I was expecting but they definitely had more than I thought..
I did manage to do a little shopping here and I also managed to help Helen do a little shopping even though she was missing in action for the weekend..

Third stop was to Precious Time .  Here we also did a little shopping but I didn't buy anything too interesting this time..only some cord..

Checking in to our accommodation.. Lots of room for everyone to spread out...
My room..
 Check out my pretty quilt.. thanks again Helen...
The hallway - anyone for tag..
The sewing room..

The Kitchen..
Nor hiding on the Veranda..

We did a lot of serious stitching and had show n tell..  here are some of the shows..

Fiona from Bugs Rugz joined us on one of the days and delighted us with some show n tell too..

The was another sewing group retreating at the same time as us, one of their members was a previous member of Sunday Stitches.  Maureen came to say hello which followed by a get together by both groups for morning tea and show n tell... yep we love our show n tell..

The visitors were lovely and invited us to their cottage for afternoon tea and show n tell, which of course we accepted..

Hello girls - happy hour?
 I made some smaller projects while on retreat..
Variety of bags...
 Shoe bags..with matching sock bags..

More shoe bags..

 I made my drawstring bag for filling and donating to the homeless..
 Random photos..

I loved having my own room because i could rise early and not disturb anyone, this made it possible to go for morning walks..  I really loved the freshness of the early mornings..

It was a lovely weekend with the girls, I had a ball and am looking forward to next years retreat..