Wednesday, 29 June 2022

Rainbow Scrap Challenge Catch Up..

 I needed to catch up on some challenge blocks  - so here is a quick post with my catch ups..

May’s colour - forest green/ sage.  Sage is not a colour that I have much of, so here are my greens..

June’s colour is dark blue/bright blue - I did two sets of these.

With that out the way, I can Concentrate on whatever else needs catching up…. 

Sunday, 26 June 2022

Caravan Holiday - Hastings Point

 Our last destination - tomorrow we head home - I can't wait to see friends and family and to catch up on all the crafty projects building up in my head.

Our friends of 34 years live here and we have been playing cards for that long too.  By the way, this is not a good hand... oh well...

Coffee, sunrise and sweethearts on the beach..
Love our sunrises.. no filters..

Wayne occupied himself with some metal detecting once the sun came up..

We walked around to the low water area.. no idea what you call it.

Cute birds - curlews - two parents and their baby.  They did this lovely thing for me and did the 'statue' thing when I wanted to take the photo.  They didn't move a feather..
Playing 'artist' at the beach.. or not.

Date night at the movies - Elvis - we both loved it.. There were museum pieces to look at while there - they were great to see too.

Fabulous movie - You can't help but feel sorry for people in the entertainment industry, especially back then.  
The last night the four of us went out for burger- I forgot to take a photo but the shop was across the road from the beach we were at earlier.  

Then we headed back to play more cards - I did much better this time and won several star for me...
So our caravan holiday has come to an end and now we must settle back into our usual life - we arrived home early this morning and thought I had better catch up on the last holiday post.  
This is what my bed looked like when I walked in..
I may or may not have done a little on-line shopping while away - the kids piled it on my bed for me..  
Fun times are still happening... now what did I order???  lol
It is nice to be home - Amy and James have been constantly chatting about what they have been up to and what we did.  James cooked some delicious Australian Bacon and Amy provided chocolates while we had coffee.  Now it's time to unpack... and then I am soooo keen to get into the craft room.  
Cheers everyone.

Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Caravan Holiday - Tenterfield

 Wayne sometimes gets the attention of the kids while metal detecting, and this park was no exception.

This group of four family members, very politely asked if they could watch him, which let to questions and conversations about what he was doing, and what sort of things he finds..  He eventually asked if they wanted to see some of his finds - outside the van of course.  He is always so patient with the kids, he would have made a fantastic teacher - I think he missed his calling..   The kids learnt about pennys and florins etc.  They also learnt about metal  compounds and what sort of items he can find with the detector.. I had to take a couple of photos.  The kids were wonderful and loved his 'lesson'..

It's been a tad chilly here.. 0.6 degrees, but the skies have been glorious.
I love the tree lined streets - looking forward to coming back in spring..

Yes, that is 'pea soup' fog in the distance...
Wayne drove me to Warwick, on the Tuesday, to catch up with some of my sewing friends.  It's retreat time and normally I would be with them.  I was very happy to catch up with the girls for half the day - it felt like ages since I have seen them - laughing and chatting was perfect..  I had a brilliant time with them..  I did forget to take photos though - too busy catching up.  Oh Well..  I have the memories..
That's all for now..

Sunday, 19 June 2022

Caravan Holiday - Hunter Valley Purchase

 I mentioned in one of my earlier posts that we bought some items from the Gin & Vodka tasting session.

This was my pick..  A multi pack, of my choice, of a mixture of 50ml bottles in a light up box.. Pretty.

This is Wayne's choice, a 500ml bottle of gin..
Our daughter is looking forward to us  getting home and sampling