Wednesday, 9 November 2022

Caravan Cushions and Coasters.

 I have been playing with my embroidery machine - it has been an interesting experience - one minute I love it and the next I wonder what on earth I was thinking..

I am growing to like it more than dislike - it helps when one purchases some nice patterns that I am looking forward to doing.  

I can't show too many of my completed projects but I can show you these..

These are my new coasters for the caravan..

I made these two cushions a while ago but never got round to adding the stuffing - now they are ready for life in the van...
That's all for now..

Spargo Catch Up

 I am a little behind in posting my spargo blocks so here is a quick catch up...

Aprils -

May -
June - 
July -
August -
September - 

Wow - I had more catching up to do than I originally thought... 
The next four will be completed and shown in January - with christmas approaching, we thought an extension was in order.. heaven knows it is a busy time of the year and we are all trying to get things done...
Anyhow that's all.

Thursday, 6 October 2022

Pseudo Echo Concert

Hubby and I went to see Pseudo Echo at The Triffid - not my favorite choice of venue - actual I dislike this venue as there are no seating provided.  I am at an age where I don't mind standing but I also like to sit as well.  As there is no seating, no one practices safe distancing.  We were meant to see this band way back at the start of covid but that show was cancell several times before they just cancel the event totally.  They were really good too.  We both enjoyed the show and by the looks of everyone else, everyone had a good time.   We started the night with a drink or two and then enjoyed the show..

I'd see them again but not at The Triffid..  lol



Friday, 23 September 2022

70's Unplugged Concert At Twim Towns

 Another great concert.  When we see any show at Twin Towns, we always stay over night at the Mantra.  The Mantra is so handy and we don't have to worry about getting home late at night.  This time, Wayne's brother and partner came along to the show as well.  I forgot to take photos but we had fun catching up over a couple of drinks while we waited for the show to start..

We both love listening to live makes a good 'date night' activity...  We like The Twin Towns venue for shows because it is not massive in size and they have seating...  We are usually lucky enough to get our favourite position - centre seats, about two or three rows from the stage... We find this is our 'go to' when booking...  not to close and not too far away...perfect..

Friday, 16 September 2022

Card Night With James and Amy..

 Don't you love a good games night with your kids... I do... so many laughs ... I'm pretty confident that James  would play any games strictly by the rules, where as Amy may take the chance to cheat.. she takes after her mother, especially after a couple of these little bottles.. I like theseeeee.

Oh and that is not a very good hand but I'm ok with that...  hahahaha

Saturday, 10 September 2022

Rainbow Beach - Mary Valley Rattler - Maryborough and Lots of Lily...

 This post comes with a warning - Lots of photos ...  

We took Lily to Rainbow Beach in the caravan for a week.  I thought Lily would hate it but she loved it - she was happy and even loved her outdoor playpen...  I took no outdoor photos because of the midges.

Playing with my dressing gown cord..  Most of the photos were taken inside the van because we were eaten by midges - thousands of nasty little bitey things... ugh...

I'll eat that....
Favourite spot on the bedhead..
Lily walks well with her lead but she was a little worried at times from all the new smells and sights that I did carry her sometimes..
Playing in her pen..

Wayne and I have had tickets for the Mary Valley Rattler for ages... Our visit was delayed when Gympie experienced the huge flood.  I don't know how Gympie recovered or should I say is still recovering - so much damage and so much water..
We loved the old station...

Morning tea was a must as everything looked delicious...
This was our - covid friendly - morning tea for on the train...

Our carriage seats had the Beaudesert Rail emblem on them...
Morning tea at the station..

Our mode of transport for the day..

The train ride was a great way to see the country side, it was lovely and green, of course it was well water before we got there.  I felt the ride was a tad long but I was a little tired from all the scratching from the midge bites... oh well.. glad to be able to tick that one off our bucket list.
If you think I had a lot of photos of Lily, wait til you see how many I have of the street art in Maryborough.  

Check out the toilet - Very impressive - definitely to pretty to use... 
The first lot are from the men's toilet and yes, I did go in there and take the photos myself..

The ladies toilets..

Check out the gold loo... fancy

Walking around Maryborough like tourists had us finding heaps of interesting arty stuff..

Of course, Maryborough is know for the famous Mary Poppins...and there were great photo opportunities to be had everywhere.

Anyway, I did warn you that there would be a lot of arty photos...and yes, lots of Lily...  It would have been a perfect week if it wasn't for the damn midges... lol oh well - that was the first time we were disappointed about where we stayed..  We will know better next time..