Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Tuesday with the Girls

I don't know how, but even with all the laughing and giggling and five way conversations with Jenny from Bundaberg, I managed to get one of my flower hexies completed.
 Lovely food was had by all...
Not great photo's but somehow Jenny got all our phones to ring at once and as we answered them, we were all part of a group chat..lol     The top photo is of Nor's head...lol
 Whoops, lost Nor...lol
Lots of laughs - and a little sewing...  Great chatting with you Jenny...xx

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Mother's Day With The Sunday Stitcher's

The Tuesday Girls thought it would be lovely to treat the other girls in the other stitching group, that we belong to, to a Mother's Day morning..
We organised to get into the room before the others arrived so we could set up the tables for everyone.
We chose a 'High Tea' theme for the day.  We had fun collecting table clothes, tiered plates, glasses, flowers and anything else we thought would look good for the day..
 We had to meet early in the morning to make the sandwiches - this was quite funny in itself, but we worked out a system and it didn't take long to do after all..
I made a couple of gifts for the girls - I decorated some small coffee cups and then placed chocolates inside and then I made some cards and placed a tea bag inside..
We held a little swap on the day - a decorated coat hanger.. I can show you mine all wrapped up but I forgot to take a photo of the finished item.  The bottom gorgeous hanger is the one I received from Teresa on the day - thank you lovely lady - I love it..
 Here are the girls with the coat hangers they received on the day..  The one I made is being held by Cheryl in the bottom photo, second from the left... The pink one..   Well done girls - you all did a fabulous job...
We also had show 'n' tell on the day - here are some quick pics of them..
My 'Bee Happy' quilt top (which is now the property of Teresa) and my christmas wall hanging.
Lynda brought in two beautiful quilts that her mother had made - what a lovely idea for a mother's day gathering.. Thank you Lynda..
 Another quilt by Lynda's mother, Marilyn was showing us a singlet in which she had embroidered on and her progress in her Splendid Sampler quilt.  Inca is holding up a block from a quilt she is working on..
 Susan had a wall hanging to show us, and De a glasses case.  Noela had a large top she is working on for her grandson's 21st and Lynda did some tie dying while over seas on holidays..
 Maria had a pattern that she was 'going' to finish..lol  and a knitted quilt that she had completed with the help of Susan..  Teresa had two gorgeous bags to show and Miss Helen had a photo of a quilt that she has been working on..(Not quite show 'n' tell Helen.).
We had two 'May' birthday girls this month - Tatyana and Maria  - Happy Birthday girls..xx
 We also made sure we mentioned a special belated birthday to the lovely Inca - she didn't let anyone know that she had celebrated a birthday milestone last month and we didn't want it to go by without a mention, and a new tea cup which had been donated to us from Lynda..  Happy birthday Inca..xx
 I couldn't resist taking a photo of the gorgeous flowers we had on the tables during the day - good job Miss Cass in selecting them... they are too pretty..
 Everyone was to bring a pretty tea cup from home for the day and this is the one I brought along..
I don't know why, but tea always taste better in a pretty cup.
 I was received two belated birthday gifts from Noela and Susan.. Thank you girls, I love them..xx
Wow what a day.. I hope I haven't forgotten anyone's show 'n' tell, I think I got a photo of everyone..
It was a fantastic day and it definitely was not "Boring"..lol 
Should I explain my 'Boring' comment...yeah ok.. 
A little while ago, one of the girls commented, very cheekily, how as a group, we didn't do anything exciting and how we had become a 'Boring' group..  This sounds mean but she did it very tactfully and meant it with a big heart.  Anyhow, this seems to have become our motto, so anything we do now seems to have the comment - 'not boring' added to it..   I'm glad she spoke up because it has been more fun - we seem to have more show 'n' tell, and more activities.  You never know - after our Mother's Day Morning Tea, some of the other girls might think of some 'non boring' activities for us to do...     It's been great getting more involved with each other as everyone is lovely and definitely very talented.  I love being a member of this group.. Thanks Girls..
catchya all later..

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Movies Again with Teresa..

No - before you say anything - this was not another Tuesday that we were playing hookie but this time it was a Thursday and this time it was because we have been waiting for this movie to come to the cinemas and it finally did..  We were so excited to see this and it did not disappoint - we loved it..
 We loved it so much that we both bought the book as soon as the movie was over and if the occasion arises, I would go to the cinema to see it a second time..
 It took me about three days to read the book and I was disappointed at the end because it was finished.. I would love to have read this author's other books but alas, she is not longer with us, so I will just have to appreciate this one...
Great day again Teresa...I am loving our 'Date Days"..  what's next?

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Movie Day with Teresa

MMM, it's Tuesday and two of The Tuesday Girls are missing in action, and when this happens, Teresa and I tend to play hookie..  Today's adventure had us going to the cinemas at Springfield..
Now when we arrived, we only had time to see two of the displayed movies - not a great choice but one was being offered in Gold Class for a special price and so we couldn't resist.  They even had a special menu (which I hope will be available next time we go)..
I ate these sliders with potato patties - yep loved them.. 
 After a bit of shopping, we thought coffee and cake was due so we headed to one of Teresa's favourite places - Journey's Kitchen..  We both had the Banoffee Pie - oh dear - I think I have over done my sugar intake for the day...
 A closer look just incase you can not see it properly..
Great day - what's that - what was the movie we saw - oh ok - We decided to see "I Feel Pretty" - some good concepts and yes that's how everyone should feel about themselves but I was not too great a fan of the movie.. But the food did make up for that...

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Playing Tourist In Our Home Town

Wayne and I thought we would do the tourist thing today, starting with our own backyard..
There is a local park that is not too far from where we live and we drive past it all the time but never stop to take a closer look..
Today we stopped..
This is Tully Memorial Park..  In the park you will find these 'works of art'.  At night they light up so you can see them from a distance, but still I have never stopped to check them out..  The different levels show where the floods have risen to in previous years, dating back to 1887.  This photo doesn't do the objects height justice but to tell you they are made from pylons from an old bridge might help.
The park is right beside the local creek but the park itself is pretty high above that area.  When you see the poles in context with the creek lower down, you get a real good feel of how high the floods were in this area..
This shows the years on the poles depicting the flood years..
 There are even a couple of the original spikes still in the poles which I think give it character.. you can also see how they look when lit up at night..
 Such a glorious day to be out and about in this beautiful country..
 We then headed for long drive to the other side of the world - ok, maybe not the other side of the world but certainly the other side - to the extreme - of Brisbane...
We found ourselves at Redcliffe, Scarborough and Woody Point area..
One cannot visit this area without checking out the Bee Gees Memorial area...This was so well set up, you could sit on the seats and read about the band, but also listen to their music which is playing constantly..well worth a look..
We then had lunch - of course.. and today's pick was The Rustic Olive...of boy, we will definitely be coming back to this joint...loved it..
I did manage a little shopping here - I forget the name of this shop but the outside looked very inviting and I did come away with a new front door mat.
We then headed off to find the local ship wreck - The HMQS Gayundah..  How cool it was to get up close and personal with this lovely old lady of the sea...  Wayne had to take it further and he touched the "butt"  (boat for those non-finding nemo people)..lol
I love our weather - not too hot and not too cold - perfect exploring temperature.  We had a lovely day and will have to make an effort more often to do the 'tourist thing' again another day..

Monday, 23 April 2018

Happy Birthday James

Another year, another day older... Happy birthday beautiful boy, we love you heaps...
Oh and you might notice he has his mothers taste for delicious cakes... and yes it was as yummy as it looks in the photo.

Sunday Stitchers

Yesterday we had our monthly get together and as usual it is a lovely day... It is always good to catch up with friends and see what everyone has been up to.. some of us have been jet setting off to amazing places, some have been experiencing sadness in their lives, while the rest of us are doing our usual daily activities.  With all the different personalities and stages of life we are experiencing, it has always been lovely to have something in common like 'craft' that brings us together..
At our meeting this week we had lots of 'show n tell'..
Here we have Alison with her Ruths Quilt stitcheries, Teresa with her Diva wall hanging and De with a pretty little 'wool' mini...
 Marilyn had quite a few items to show..
 Tatyana had made a beautiful bracelet, Norreen a gorgeous bag and Maria has been working on a blanket for a new family member..
 Inca had some pretty blocks to show us and Helen had been very busy and held up a wall hanging she had been working on too..
 Susan has also been busy - she showed us a thread holder with matching zippy pouch and a gorgeous quilt - I love the colours in this quilt..
 Marilyn, Norreen and myself were celebrating a birthday this month, so it was our turn to open our pressies..  Thank you girls, love all my goodies..
 Helen had been working on her string quilt during the day and Teresa is working on a bag pattern that she had bought from a show a little while ago..
 Alison had her Ruth's quilt fabric cut out and Cheryl had 'show n tell' via phone photo...lol
I have been working on my circle quilt lately - this one is going to be a gift for someone, it just needs to be quilted and bound now...

 I have also finished two table toppers..  I decided to hand quilt these two, something I found oddly enjoyable compared to machine quilting..


Some of the girls were working on some string quilts that our group are donating to charity this year.

That was all for my Sunday Stitchers catch up, but during April, I also made myself some cloth napkins to use instead of paper ones (I'm trying to be less wasteful for the environment)..

 I also made two cards - one is for my dad for his birthday and the other is going to be for someone else (no names)....
 Well hasn't April been productive and its not over yet.. I wonder what else I can accomplish this month...  catch you all later..