Saturday, 11 June 2022

Caravan Holiday - Kiama

These weeks are starting to blurr...So many beaches and pretty scenery - Australia has so much to offer, whether it be the country or the coast - you will always find something worth looking at.

A trip up to Rosemont The Patchwork Shop.  Lots of lovely old machines are on show here and it was fun looking at them all..  I don't have a vintage machine, not that I wouldn't mind one, but I just don't have anywhere I could put it. Oh well, at least I can admire them..  There were also lots of lovely fabrics and accessories here - I took my time browsing all the nooks and crannies.

With that out the way, we can do some sight seeing - The Blow Hole was first on our list.. The sea shows some incredible power here and the hole did not disappoint.  The rocks around the hole were strange to touch - not cold like a hard wet rock but kind of like touching solid coal - felt light, porous and warm - It must be strong otherwise it wouldn't still be here.  It was originally lava, hence the odd feeling.

The is a light house right beside the Blow Hole and some gorgeous views.

The Information Centre is found here as well - I thought it needed a few snap shots seeing as it had some murals painted on it..
Off to The Cathedral Rocks next - Wayne did a little more exploring than I did.  No Way was I climbing some of those rocks..

A local beach - no idea what it is called...
Plenty of lovely old buildings around here and the main area is situated along the beach front walks.

There is a lovely mix of old buildings with trending shops.  We found this little place and decided a treat for morning tea was in order - we shared this lot over two days.. yum..
We spent a few days here before heading off to our next destination.  Our caravan park was on the beach front and the park was lovely - they even gave out welcome morning tea when we checked in.
I'd like to come back here one day - maybe when it's warmer - not stinking hot
That's all for now..

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