Tuesday, 24 May 2022

Caravan Holiday - Melbourne - Matt's Birthday

 We met for dinner to celebrate Matt's birthday at the Restaurant.  This was interesting, none of us had been there before and didn't quite understand how it works.  The waitress was lovely and kept saying we can have anything on the menu as many times as we want.  The idea is - you get 90 minutes to eat what ever you want for $48 per person.  Okayyyy - this is unusual - we started ordering and she kept saying we can add more to the our order or order more later.  We ate scallops, prawns, ribs, parcels of I have no idea . I should have mentioned it was a Japanese restaurant.  Matt, Molly and I loved the scallops so we ordered them three times..  So many dishes to try - some good, one not so good.  It looked like raw beef sliced very thinly with a sauce.  eekk - nope that was the only dish we didn't like.

I wish I had taken so more photos of our food but we kinda all relaxed and just started sampling everything.  

There were fairy lights all over the ceiling...


You had to be quick to get a photo of anything...lol  This came out with 5 buddies..oops bit slow.

First pile of finished dishes...
Again - too slow - there were 6.

I hand Amy my phone to take a photo - big mistake - never do this after she has had a cocktail..  You will see why soon..

I ended up with hundreds of photos - and she wouldn't give my phone back..  Here is a sample..
We then headed a few doors down to the Nitro Lab..  Oh Dear...

The street had lots of fairy lights too, so a few photos were needed..

Yep - cocktails, sugar and Amy don't mix... lol  She is being cheeky here and poking her tongue out..
It was a brilliant night - so many laughs - we had tears poring down our cheeks.. Oh well - glad I didn't wear make-up..
Oh and Happy Birthday Matt - hope you had a fabulous day..
Cya everyone

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