Tuesday, 31 May 2022

Caravan Holliday - Merimbula, Tilba Central, Cooma

 Merimbula was a lovely spot - the park we stayed at had a coastal front on nearly three sides.. we went to sleep listening to the waves hit the shore..

I love these red berries - probably toxic but very christmassy .

We saw the Seamen's Memorial at the coastal town of Eden.
Very sad, so many lives lost at sea..

Nice lookout to be scene at Eden.

Back at Merimbula..

I popped into the local patchwork shop but didn't find much and Wayne went to the local bakery.. he did better than me..

We were discussing where we were going to explore next - checking out 'places of interests' sites etc, when I received and email from the Pen pal group I belong to.  Kim was chatting about her favourite place to visit and it so happened to be about an hours drive from where we were.  Fate - a sign - either way it made out mind up..
Tilba Central and Tilba Tilba
This place has always been on my radar as it's the home of River Cottage Australia.  Hubby and I spent a lot of time watching the UK version - River Cottage.  Of the decades, we watched Hugh learn how to garden and raise animals and of course, cook lovely homemade dishes.  We were excited when Australia was going to produce it's very own River Cottage.  The host was Paul West, and yes, I have an autographed cookbook and can say he is lovely.  He gave me a hug and insisted on a hug... Something I will always treasure... any how - I'm getting side tracked.  River Cottage Australia was stationed at Tilba, hence, always on that radar of places I might like to see.  We didn't visit the RC house - it's an   air BNB now and the show is no longer, but we did visit the town.
Kim was right - the scones at the tea shop were delicious - we both had Devonshire Teas and then had a stroll.  I didn't buy anything here, I could have come home with heaps but the caravan is not that big.

Some tasty sweets came home with us..from the sweets shop.

Check the kids cubby house out - bit hard to see but its designed like an australian house, with its own verandah.

Tilba Central is a pretty town - not very big, but quaint - it has everything you need for a drive in the country.
I have realised I didn't take any photos of Cooma - we drove in, it was freezing, stayed the night and then left...  
We did spot this on our way passed.  Hidden talents - can you see why?
Anyhow, time to go..

Sunday, 29 May 2022

Caravan Holiday - Lakes Entrance

 No old buildings, well none that I have noticed.  Heaps of gorgeous bays and waterways..

We took a stroll along the front part of the town - there are plenty of trawlers here - mmm fresh seafood..  Along the walk we took note of the cedar timber carves statues - they are there to honest fallen and injured men and women from the war..

Of course there are many boats, bridges, black swans (actually there are heaps of black swans and we have not seen any pelicans). 

The is a small area of wall art to be found on the side of one of the buildings - they are a little different to the previous ones so thought I would add them here..

A visit to the coastal town of Metung - lots of boats and yachts and a couple of shops..

I am home now, another words, back at the caravan.  I am catching up with my posts and some sewing and Wayne has gone to play golf for a few hours.  I may indulge in an afternoon nap too, if I am lucky..