Wednesday, 30 March 2022


I have just realised that I have some comments that I have not responded to - I am so sorry, I love the comments.  For some reason, I am not getting them.  I am trying to rectify this but have not found the problem yet.  It will most likely turn out to be some silly little box that I have not ticked...  Anyhow I will try to correct this problem..

Thanks for your  patience..

I love minions....


Tuesday, 29 March 2022

A Finished Project, One started and A Catch Up

 I'm not sure I can claim this project as a finished one - it is finished but it is a "Do Over".  The first time I made the mini wall hanging was very similar in colour to the pattern, but I have never really liked it..

Seeing as patterns are only "Guidelines", I changed the cream to custard and chose brighter fabrics - now I love it...

The Canning Season has been on my UFO list since 2020 - I have not excuse as I have had it cut out, ready to sew since adding it to my list..  What's a good excuse - too many shiny things kept getting in the road..   I don't have any room for another wall hanging but I am always after new table toppers - I love to change them up regularly.  Once again - patterns - they are only guidelines - Right?

The top is finished - hopefully I won't get too distracted and will finish it by ??? Christmas??? lol
Last year I was given a beautiful block from a lovely lady, Anita, from the sewing group I attend.   I have saved it for a little while, trying to decide the best way I wanted to use it..  I could have made a dozen things but finally settled on a block keeper..
I am stoked how it turned out.

I love these colours - and how it has turned out..  Thank you Anita for your beautiful block..
 That's all girls..

Monday, 28 March 2022

Caravan Cushion Covers

In my post about Tallebudgera, I mention doing a bit of sewing.  I can now reveal the finished article.
It was a Natalie Bird pattern that I torn out of a magazine many years ago with the intentions of making it - one day.  I did alter the pattern a little - not as many hexagon flowers needed (we all know, I just loooovvee paper piecing - lol).  

This is how the pattern started out as..

I need to add/buy an insert and then I can put it in the van..
Looks like it would make a good table topper too... 

Antique Sampler and Quatro Quilts

 A group of us are making the Antique Sampler quilt - to keep on track, we plan one making four blocks a month - this is only a guideline though and some months there will be more completed and other months, maybe none.  

Here is a photo of the original pattern... I have no idea why this photo won't load properly - the original photo is fine and I have even tried using another photo of the quilt pattern but it was unsuccessful too..

Oh well - you get the idea...

Here are my January, February and March blocks..
I am hoping to keep on track, but you never know - life happens...
Now for my Quatro quilt..
I finally able to take Quatro off of my 'To Do List' or 'UFO list' because I can say for sure that it is totally finished.  It has been quilted and the binding has been done and now it will add to my collection.  
Here she is...
It could do with an iron but I am wrapped with the finished article...  It was one of those projects that took years to fully complete, maybe because I am not fond of paper piecing but I am glad I didn't turn it into a table topper (Helen would have killed me)

Well that's all for now..

Friday, 25 March 2022

Tallebudgera Creek Tourist Park

 Wayne and I have always wanted to stay at this park - it is close to a beach that we can put the kayaks in, it has easy access to calm swimming area and the surf is close by too..

Beautiful sunset..

We managed to catch up with our eldest son, Keelan and his partner, Samantha.
We met at The Burleigh Heads Hotel for dinner and afterwards we were shown their new pretty blue car..  These two are always lots of fun, and them both being in the food industry, it always interesting the conversation and how they deconstruct all their meals... lol  It's lovely knowing he does a job he loves and is passionate about..   Nice car too...
We also met up with Wayne's brother and partner for dinner (no photo) twice.

Wayne was my chef this week... He took care of most of the meals that we ate at the van..
He would go out, in the morning, metal detecting and set the alarm on his phone.   Lots of people would stop and chat to him about his toy and he is always willing to discuss it.  He did manage to get one hubby in trouble though - his alarm went off while talking to the couple and he stated that he was sorry, but he had to leave to get back to cook his wife breakfast.  Well the wife gave her hubby The Look..  I think maybe her hubby might have been compared to Wayne's lovely remark...
My delicous breakfast with a view.
The view from our van.  This was low tide - we took the kayaks out there..
Morning tea, a puzzle and a view - I love the super sudokus.
Fridge was well stocked...
I managed to get a little sewing done.. joining some hexies flowers for a project...
All will be revealed on another post..
Wayne found a fabulous Fish 'n' Chip shop - best snapper I have had in a long time..
Watching the sun set over the water...
Another of Wayne's creations - I love my veges..
Beautiful views..
Another tasty breakfast...

Some more sewing - I am working on my Antique Sampler here..

Our friends, Jimmy and Dale, came up for lunch on Wednesday - it is always fun catching up with them.  We have been friends for over 34 years and have watched each others kids grow up - they have 5 and I have 5.  I might add that she is expecting her 12th grandchild and I still only have two... lol  Maybe one day I will have a few more - I think they might be the fur baby
We will definitely come back to this park and stay again - hopefully for more than 5 days next time..
Anyhow, have a great day all..

Thursday, 24 March 2022

Tomato Sauce

 I asked my daughter if she could bring me some sauce - this is what I got...hahahahaha

Photo says it all....



Tuesday, 22 March 2022

A New Table Runner For The Caravan

 I have had this fabric earmarked for the caravan for a while and thought it would be a good time to put something together.. As you can see it is rather long, so taking a photo was not an easy job.  When we chose our van, one of the positives was the large bench top - perfect for craft on the road..

Not a great photo, but you can see it in situ in the van...

I have some more fabric left over and I am thinking the van could use some matching placemats next...
Have a fab day everyone..

Sunday, 20 March 2022

Spargo - March

 This is my Spargo block for March - It is called Love Shack..

Darn - I don't seem to be able to turn this one - technology is not my friend today..
oh well... cheers

Tuesday, 15 March 2022

Wayne’s cooking

 Wayne made dinner tonight and it looked so good that I thought it needed a post of it’s own..

I love my vegetables… and he cooks a better steak than I do… thanks sweetheart..

Saturday, 12 March 2022

My Garden

 I enjoy gardening but have not found the time for it lately - I do manage to grow some herbs without much input from me..  

My Turmeric has flowered...

Basil is a breeze to grow and rosemary (no photo).   The basil was pruned not long after this photo was taken..
When Spring comes I am hoping to have my vegie garden up and running... 



Thursday, 10 March 2022

De's Birthday

 Today we celebrated De's birthday with cake, an outing to Crunchies and a little sewing - well not all of us did some sewing but a few did.  We decided on little cupcakes as we knew we were going to need room in our bellies for Crunchies...

My lunch.... White chocolate, waffles, caramel sauce - you get the drift...

Lots of laughs had with this bunch of lovely ladies...  Happy Birthday De - hope you had a fabulous day and many more to come....

Sunday Stitcher's - we do a birthday swap at our monthly sewing group and I had De this year.
I had to put together 6 gifts with each having their own themes.

1.  Stretchy - Printed Elastic
2. Cardboard/Paper - Cards with a bag of wax seals..
3. Liquid - Candles (when they melt they turn to liquid) with matching match box.
4.  Gadget - Something for the sewing room...

5.  Long and Skinny - Marshmallow tongs with De-lightful engraved on it..
6.  Surprise - Soy wax candle in a pretty jug.

I have also made little gifts for all the girls birthdays.  Each gift has a set of home made cards and a couple of treats inside a home made pillow box..

That's all  just a little update..