Sunday, 17 October 2021

Sunday Stitchers Birthday Girl

 Our monthly sewing group does a birthday swap which entails putting together a gift that co-insides with a number of themes...and a particular colour.

My partner as Sue this year and her chosen colour was Cerise..  Oh boy, was that interesting, finding items that were the colour Cerise... I needed to get inventive..

Our themes are -  1.  Square  (Framed print of the town Cerise).

                             2.  Spiky ( brush).

                             3.  Hard (S.U.E).

                             4.  Natural (Soap with Cerise written on it).

                             5.  Sewing related (Cerise fabric)

                             6.  Music (Handmade cards)

I did say I got a little inventive - Boy, do I hope next year the themes don't have a colour attached to them.   
Happy Birthday Sue...