Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Tuesday with the Girls

I don't know how, but even with all the laughing and giggling and five way conversations with Jenny from Bundaberg, I managed to get one of my flower hexies completed.
 Lovely food was had by all...
Not great photo's but somehow Jenny got all our phones to ring at once and as we answered them, we were all part of a group chat..lol     The top photo is of Nor's head...lol
 Whoops, lost Nor...lol
Lots of laughs - and a little sewing...  Great chatting with you Jenny...xx


  1. OMG could anyone get a word in or were you all talking at once............this would have been hilarious.............I know what the typing chats were like........

  2. Always a barrel of laughs you lot.

  3. how fun... can I ask what App was used for that..... I'd love to do it - I used to with Skype but we had problems .... I have done with calls but not video..... gotta keep learning in my old age!

  4. lol how funny ,and amazing a conference call,lol,love seeing you girls have so much fun xx