Sunday, 3 February 2019

Hello February

My start to has included some sewing and some more photos towards the photo challenge I doing, once again, this month..
Today I made these items for my mum..
This bag is for when she comes and visits, she can put stuff in and as you will see in the next photo..
 It open nice and wide, so she will be able to get items out easily..
I also made a smaller bag for other items...  This one actually fits inside the big bag - just..
Plus two smaller pouches with windows to make seeing whats inside easier...
As well as these bags, I also made a large and medium sized one for myself - but wont add a photo yet as I am making some little ones too...
Now for my photo challenge -
Day.  1.  Matching Pair
Day 2... Texture
Day 3... Play the game.
A Good start to a new month... Now consensus has it that NO ONE wants to know that it is
325 days until Christmas, so I wont mention it...
 cya later


  1. Enjoying your photo challenge.....glad you are not mentioning Christmas....lovely bags....lucky mum!

  2. Not listening.... photo challenge is very interesting. Great bags for your Mum.

  3. Lovely bags for Mum! Great pics for your challenge too! Singing lalala with fingers in ears re Christmas lol!

  4. Lucky Mum getting those beautiful bags....
    Christmas what Christmas?????????

  5. Love the bag you made for your Mum...your photo challenge well done....but I have no idea what it's me