Saturday, 5 May 2018

Playing Tourist In Our Home Town

Wayne and I thought we would do the tourist thing today, starting with our own backyard..
There is a local park that is not too far from where we live and we drive past it all the time but never stop to take a closer look..
Today we stopped..
This is Tully Memorial Park..  In the park you will find these 'works of art'.  At night they light up so you can see them from a distance, but still I have never stopped to check them out..  The different levels show where the floods have risen to in previous years, dating back to 1887.  This photo doesn't do the objects height justice but to tell you they are made from pylons from an old bridge might help.
The park is right beside the local creek but the park itself is pretty high above that area.  When you see the poles in context with the creek lower down, you get a real good feel of how high the floods were in this area..
This shows the years on the poles depicting the flood years..
 There are even a couple of the original spikes still in the poles which I think give it character.. you can also see how they look when lit up at night..
 Such a glorious day to be out and about in this beautiful country..
 We then headed for long drive to the other side of the world - ok, maybe not the other side of the world but certainly the other side - to the extreme - of Brisbane...
We found ourselves at Redcliffe, Scarborough and Woody Point area..
One cannot visit this area without checking out the Bee Gees Memorial area...This was so well set up, you could sit on the seats and read about the band, but also listen to their music which is playing constantly..well worth a look..
We then had lunch - of course.. and today's pick was The Rustic Olive...of boy, we will definitely be coming back to this joint...loved it..
I did manage a little shopping here - I forget the name of this shop but the outside looked very inviting and I did come away with a new front door mat.
We then headed off to find the local ship wreck - The HMQS Gayundah..  How cool it was to get up close and personal with this lovely old lady of the sea...  Wayne had to take it further and he touched the "butt"  (boat for those non-finding nemo people)
I love our weather - not too hot and not too cold - perfect exploring temperature.  We had a lovely day and will have to make an effort more often to do the 'tourist thing' again another day..

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