Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Movie Day with Teresa

MMM, it's Tuesday and two of The Tuesday Girls are missing in action, and when this happens, Teresa and I tend to play hookie..  Today's adventure had us going to the cinemas at Springfield..
Now when we arrived, we only had time to see two of the displayed movies - not a great choice but one was being offered in Gold Class for a special price and so we couldn't resist.  They even had a special menu (which I hope will be available next time we go)..
I ate these sliders with potato patties - yep loved them.. 
 After a bit of shopping, we thought coffee and cake was due so we headed to one of Teresa's favourite places - Journey's Kitchen..  We both had the Banoffee Pie - oh dear - I think I have over done my sugar intake for the day...
 A closer look just incase you can not see it properly..
Great day - what's that - what was the movie we saw - oh ok - We decided to see "I Feel Pretty" - some good concepts and yes that's how everyone should feel about themselves but I was not too great a fan of the movie.. But the food did make up for that...

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