Sunday, 20 May 2018

Mother's Day With The Sunday Stitcher's

The Tuesday Girls thought it would be lovely to treat the other girls in the other stitching group, that we belong to, to a Mother's Day morning..
We organised to get into the room before the others arrived so we could set up the tables for everyone.
We chose a 'High Tea' theme for the day.  We had fun collecting table clothes, tiered plates, glasses, flowers and anything else we thought would look good for the day..
 We had to meet early in the morning to make the sandwiches - this was quite funny in itself, but we worked out a system and it didn't take long to do after all..
I made a couple of gifts for the girls - I decorated some small coffee cups and then placed chocolates inside and then I made some cards and placed a tea bag inside..
We held a little swap on the day - a decorated coat hanger.. I can show you mine all wrapped up but I forgot to take a photo of the finished item.  The bottom gorgeous hanger is the one I received from Teresa on the day - thank you lovely lady - I love it..
 Here are the girls with the coat hangers they received on the day..  The one I made is being held by Cheryl in the bottom photo, second from the left... The pink one..   Well done girls - you all did a fabulous job...
We also had show 'n' tell on the day - here are some quick pics of them..
My 'Bee Happy' quilt top (which is now the property of Teresa) and my christmas wall hanging.
Lynda brought in two beautiful quilts that her mother had made - what a lovely idea for a mother's day gathering.. Thank you Lynda..
 Another quilt by Lynda's mother, Marilyn was showing us a singlet in which she had embroidered on and her progress in her Splendid Sampler quilt.  Inca is holding up a block from a quilt she is working on..
 Susan had a wall hanging to show us, and De a glasses case.  Noela had a large top she is working on for her grandson's 21st and Lynda did some tie dying while over seas on holidays..
 Maria had a pattern that she was 'going' to  and a knitted quilt that she had completed with the help of Susan..  Teresa had two gorgeous bags to show and Miss Helen had a photo of a quilt that she has been working on..(Not quite show 'n' tell Helen.).
We had two 'May' birthday girls this month - Tatyana and Maria  - Happy Birthday girls..xx
 We also made sure we mentioned a special belated birthday to the lovely Inca - she didn't let anyone know that she had celebrated a birthday milestone last month and we didn't want it to go by without a mention, and a new tea cup which had been donated to us from Lynda..  Happy birthday Inca..xx
 I couldn't resist taking a photo of the gorgeous flowers we had on the tables during the day - good job Miss Cass in selecting them... they are too pretty..
 Everyone was to bring a pretty tea cup from home for the day and this is the one I brought along..
I don't know why, but tea always taste better in a pretty cup.
 I was received two belated birthday gifts from Noela and Susan.. Thank you girls, I love them..xx
Wow what a day.. I hope I haven't forgotten anyone's show 'n' tell, I think I got a photo of everyone..
It was a fantastic day and it definitely was not "Boring" 
Should I explain my 'Boring' comment...yeah ok.. 
A little while ago, one of the girls commented, very cheekily, how as a group, we didn't do anything exciting and how we had become a 'Boring' group..  This sounds mean but she did it very tactfully and meant it with a big heart.  Anyhow, this seems to have become our motto, so anything we do now seems to have the comment - 'not boring' added to it..   I'm glad she spoke up because it has been more fun - we seem to have more show 'n' tell, and more activities.  You never know - after our Mother's Day Morning Tea, some of the other girls might think of some 'non boring' activities for us to do...     It's been great getting more involved with each other as everyone is lovely and definitely very talented.  I love being a member of this group.. Thanks Girls..
catchya all later..


  1. We all had a ball and I certainly appreciate the effort you and the girls put in - and now we all have a challenge ahead of us!

  2. you girls sure know how to throw a wonderful party.....