Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Norreen's Birthday Outing

Our gorgeous Nor is having a birthday this week, so as usual, we did not let this even go by unnoticed.  Nor chose to go for a walk around Springfield Lakes for her outing and then a little shopping and lunch at Orion - Springfield.
First of all, we needed to do get the 'cake' business side of things out of the way..  Nor has always had a soft spot for Muffins, so a large muffin was to be her birthday cake centre piece, surrounded by smaller cupcakes..   We  did the pressies before we left too but  unfortunately I didn't get any photo's of them...
Then off we headed for a walk around the Lake - of course the theory of this, was that we would walk off the calories of the cake, so lunch would be guilt free...mmmm  maybe not..
The lake was lovely to walk around and the weather was perfect.. we even got to see some model boats being played with in the water..
 Now we girls can only behave ourselves for a short amount of time before mischief starts to creep in..  Maybe we did have a little too much sugar in us..
 Lots of pretty nature to observe...
I did get a little shopping done at Robins Kitchen - they were having a sale and I couldn't resist these
spatulas and bowls.  I am hopping the bowls are going to making my brekky oats prettier than they look as is..
Lunch was yummy - and of course dessert too..  MMMmmm might need another walk around the lake..
Happy birthday beautiful girl, I hope all your wishes and dreams come true...Love ya heaps..


  1. Hi Sandi what a beautiful post,Happy Birthday Norrs,what a wonderful day you all had such a lovely way to celebrate a birthday,thanks for sharing with us xx

  2. lovely photos Sandi! looks like you all had another beautiful day in Nature.

  3. Sounds like a typical Tuesday Girls Birthday expedition!!!

  4. Sounds like a perfect spot for some sewing and catching up!