Monday, 16 April 2018

Jenny Is In Town...

This can only mean one thing - "Road Trip".  The Tuesday Girls, minus Teresa, were able to head out for the long drive from our place to where Jenny was staying on retreat at Samford Valley..  Sounds good, should only take us about an hour to get there, but in reality, with traffic, getting lost, toilet breaks etc, it was more like 2
I think Helen thought she was going to get there faster using one of these contraptions...hehehehe maybe not...
Jenny was staying at the Samford Lakes Resort which had several buildings, cottages etc and of course a gorgeous lake..  Here is a few photos of the sewing room with its huge wooden entrance doors, chook pen outside and views of the lake..
 On the veranda there were sofa's to relax on and chairs to sit and take in the gorgeous surroundings..
 Coming back inside, we checked out the sewing room and of course, a project that Jenny had been working on..
We decided to head into the village before checking out the rest of the property...hunger taking over - after all it was a looong journey for us...

For lunch we ended up at The Flying Nun - delicious food..will come back one day I hope..
Next door to The Flying Nun was a little place I have always wanted to visit... The Store of Requirements.. For those of you who are not sure what that means - it basically means its all Harry Potter stuff...
Jenny and Chanelle (Nor's Grand-daughter) wanted to see if they could get home quicker with these.. 
 But I was more interested in the flying car...
Now it was time for a little wonder around town - The Arts and Craft store..
 The Antique store..
Jenny found this great trolley outside the antique store...pity it wont fit in a car..

 These are some photos from inside the cottage they were staying in - pretty antique baths and sinks, and there is even a pool if anyone is keen..
 The veranda was gorgeous, could see myself sitting here for meals, stitching, chatting etc... very pretty and views of the lake too..
 Inside the cottage on of the ladies had put this quilt on her bed - I wonder if she would notice if I stole it... no I am serious - do you think she would miss it...
Time to say our good-byes - and take one more photo.. or two..

I will finish here with the item I bought from The Harry Potter store... This is Niffler and he is from my daughters favourite movie - Fantastic Beasts (a branch of Harry Potter).. Amy was tickled pink when I gave it to her..she now has two and there are another four to go.. Maybe next time we can get another.. 

Anyhow, its time to go - had a fabulous day - it was great catching up with Jen, as we usually only get to see her during our retreat at the end of the year..  so catching up was fun..
Hope you are all having a great day..


  1. Hi Sandi are we missing the last pic ,dont know what a niffler is,lol.
    Funny pic of Helen,she might've got there faster using the magic broom.
    What a wonderful retreat Jenny is staying at the views are wonderful,did you grab that outlander quilt,lol,its a beauty,love seeing all the lovely places you visit and not to mention the yummy food,thankyou for sharing your wonderful day with us Sandi xx

  2. Sounds like a perfect spot for some sewing and catching up!

  3. Another amazing outing with the girls...
    of course you always need to let the kids out for a play on a long drive 😁

  4. what a lovely spot to go to for a day trip...

  5. lovely photos Sandi! looks like you all had another beautiful day in Nature.