Monday, 2 April 2018

Camping a Goomburra

We went camping over the long break with our eldest daughter, SIL, and grandkids and our SIL's family..
What a great place this is - and not too far from home..
On the drive out, we stopped at The Aratula Bakery for a little afternoon tea - our plan was to have these with coffee after we had set up the tent - I am sorry (happy) to say that the custard tarts were just too tempting and didn't make it 10 kms up the road.  lol.. and they were soooo good, we had them again on the way back...(didn't even bother to take them to the car this time - ate them there)..
The first photo show you the view looking outside our tent -between us and the cliff was a beautiful rocky babbling creek.  We were put so sleep at night listening to the water running - heaven..
There were four wheel drive tracks you could take and seeing as we now own a 4WD we thought it would be great to test it out..  that was sooo much fun..  We had four cars doing the track and none of us got stuck once..
When we came back out at the bottom, the others wanted to go to the "play pen", I thought we were heading to a kiddies playground - but oh no - it was no play pen for kids, it was for adults... it was a 4WD playground..  You had to go through the creek (another fun first) and then through a muddy area to get to it (we chickened out of the muddy bit and drove around that), then you found yourself amongst hills and dips etc... We picked a safe spot to watch but a couple from our group played - Wayne and I chickened out - lol...  maybe next time..
Elle put on an easter hunt for the kids - how cute are these... she placed them around the creek edge and when she was ready the kids got to enter and find all the eggs...  they had a ball..
I managed to read an entire novel - one I had been carrying around with me for ages - it even came with me on our cruise last month but never got touched..  I was so pleased with myself..
This is a view of the little side table on my new recliner lounge - some of us have it  not me..  We both got new recliners - an early birthday present for little old me..  and what a great place for my coffee, book and treat...
 I also managed to finish - almost - three stitcheries for Ruth's Quilt..  not sure how many I have left to do but I know my pile is getting smaller...
On the way home, after eating our custard tarts, we also dropped into the antique shop for a brouse - this isn't your ordinary shop - it has stuff everywhere - probably breaking some fire code or something, cause you have to dodge stuff while trying to look around..  lol  But still a great place to check out lots of interesting items...
We are home now, and have unpacked, showered and resting.. We had a fabulous time and are planning on doing it again..  I feel extremely rested and my mojo cant wait for tomorrow to begin so I can indulge it ...  Good night all..

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