Thursday, 15 March 2018

Tuesday Girls Get-together and a Surprise

As usual, there is never a shortage of food at our get-togethers, and today was no exception..
 Miss Cass was trying to slip these a little closer to where she was sitting...  I hope she remembers to share..
  My daughter is raising six little chicks and two of them came inside for a little visit...
Teresa was lucky enough to go to the Lets Get Stitched get together last weekend, and by the looks of the photos and all her reports on how the weekend went - she had an absolutely fabulous time.. So jealous but am so happy that she had a great time..  Miss Teresa also gave each of us a parcel from the beautiful Miss Shez...
OMG Shez, what a fabulous gift and totally made our day..mine especially..
 Just check out what I was given..   I will confess, I have already started using the fabric and some of the ribbon. ..  You really didn't need to give me a pressie but I do love everything you gave me.. You are far to kind and generous and it was such a happy surprise..  Thank you again Shez..
Teresa snapped this photo of me playing with my gifts..
The four of us wanted a photo or two with our lovely bags...

I am going to finish this post with a photo of our little possum who has been paying us a visit lately..
He comes, he goes, he never sends a postcard and never says goodbye, but is always welcome when he feels like dropping in... Today I gave him a piece of juicy pear...   I am presuming he is a "he" as he has been dropping in for about a year now and is always on his own, no baby possums have ever been with him...  I suppose, now that I think about it, I should give him a name...mmmm might have to put some thought into that.. 
Anyhow that's all for now..


  1. Hi Sandi so glad you girls enjoyed your gifts now you know how I felt at Xmas time with the lovely gifts you all sent me. Oh those chickens are so cute as is your possum . I had so much fun with Teresa and the girls so much laughing,lol as you know you girls are the same xx

  2. Another fun day - love the chicks - perfect timing for your Easter decoration.