Tuesday, 20 March 2018

The Tuesday Girls - Road Trip

The girls went on a little road trip today to spotlight first for some basis essentials and then on to The Quilter's Store for some more pleasing shopping..
No photos of our shopping adventures but I did manage to get a couple at the café afterwards..
Teresa knew of a lovely little place called Reloaded Expresso Bar.. it was a lovely place with all the rustic charm of an old building.  I think there was talk about it being the old ammunition shed.
 The owner was lovely and took our photo for us..
 Norreen and Teresa waiting for us..
 My lunch - Zucchini Fritters..yumm...
This place was just around the corner from the Quilter's store so I am sure we will be back again on one of our 'future' road trips to this place..
Lovely day with the girls as usual..lots of giggles...oh and I did do quite a bit of shopping too, but I am tired now and will just have to skip the photo of them..
Good night all..

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  1. I think the tourism department should sponsor you girls.... you go to all sorts of lovely places...