Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Sunday Stitchers - Fund Raising

On Sunday our group held a fund raising day for our members, and it was an amazing day.. We had a buy table and raffles and of course, lots of food which was mainly in a yellow or blue colour to match in with our day. Oh, and we had show and tell too...
Just check out the food table...yummo..
 Here are our raffles, Miss Michelle donated two (the large one + a smaller one ) and I donated the Easter basket + a smaller one..
Lets see if I can remember - Inca won first prize, Lynda won second, I won third and Alison won fourth..
I can show you my prize here..  such pretty fabrics and a gorgeous cottage thread too.. I am stoked, thanks Michelle, I'm looking forward to using them..
Here is Inca opening her prize... wow, its huge...and she is looking very happy..well done Inca..
 Here is a looksie inside first prize..  Well done Michelle for putting together such a lovely prize and congratulations Inca for winning it..
We had show and tell too...Here is a quick run through all the wonderful "shows".
Noela with her progress on Ruth's Quilt.
 Michelle's beautiful blocks..
 Norreen's cushion blocks..
 De's fabulous quilt - I must get around to making this one myself..
 Inca's blocks - there were a little too many for Inca to hold on her own..well done..
 Susan's with her pretty stitchery/ wall hanging..
 Susan showing us her tool holder..
 Lynda with progress done on her 'Trip around the world' quilt.
 Me, with an easter table runner...
 Me with another table runner and a new mug bag...
 Norreen with a very mini Christmas wall hanging..
 Oh and me again, with a Christmas bunting..
 Me with and unfinished easter table topper.
 Another unfinished table topper..
 Tatyana with a gorgeous block...
 Maria with her, mmm, maybe a table runner...I am not sure she knows yet..
 Maria's hexie quilt progress..
Maria's gorgeous 'rainbow' quilt..

 Norreen's "Breast of Friends" blocks.
 Helen with her mini wall hanging..
Teresa with her sewing box..

 Norreen with a Christmas wall hanging..
Wow, I said we had show and tell, and boy did we have a lot..it was great seeing everyones 'shows', I do hope I haven't forgotten anyone...
We also had three birthday girls this month - Teresa, De and Inca..  Happy birthday beautiful ladies...xxx
 Here is our buy table - it was loaded with heaps of items and I did manage to buy a couple of things too.. 
 Another look at the buy table..
I put together some little honey pots for the buy table too...

 I only managed to finish this block off today - too busy chatting and having fun maybe, but well worth it in the end..
We manage to raise over $660 - well done girls, this was probably the best part, but only just..
We all had a fantastic day, laughed heaps and ate heaps too... again - well done girls..
that's all tonight..


  1. Hi Sandi beautiful show and tell,and well done ladies you collected a fantastic amount of money for a smallish group xx

  2. Looks like a really lovely day and well done to all of you for doing the fundraising together.... such a fun way to do good....