Thursday, 8 March 2018

Easter Decorating

March already and Easter is approaching with lightning speed - better unpack all my Easter decorations before its too late...
I don't have as many Easter decorations as I do Christmas, so this job wasn't as time consuming and I had it done in no time..
Top two shelves of my bookcase..
Close ups of the top shelf..

Close ups of the second shelf..

My dining room table..

My wall unit..

My fireplace and small table..

I have also completed an Easter pattern that I 'ripped out' of a magazine years ago with the intention of making it 'one day'..  As it so happens I also needed to finish a UFO (number 10) for the Sunday Stitchers group that I am with, so it seemed logical to put the two together and ta finally finished Easter project and a UFO to cross off my list...
Now I will confess, I think the magazine I kept it from was Daphne's Diary and I think something got lost in the translating to English, because I had a bit of trouble making the blocks fit and ended up 'fudging' it.. I am happy though with the results and would make it again - my way...

So, has anyone else been decorating for Easter?  I am going shopping today with my youngest daughter, and I can't help but wonder if I might just find something to add to my collection..
You never know...
Anyhow, have a great day..


  1. Hi Sandi wow love your easter decorations,everything is so cute. I havent got anything for easter but i will next year after seeing your beautiful displays.Oh i do love your easter runner,i think i have that pattern somewhere too,lol,hope you have a lovely day my friend ,cant wait to see the girls xx


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  2. Love your easter decorations and decorating Sandi. I accidently, took my bag of Easter things to the op shop in error while I was cleaning the linen press.Will have to start again.

  3. Your Easter bunnies are gorgeous... I love the one sleeping in the cup. Beautiful runner that you did too...

  4. Love the runner - Love how you have dressed up your house for Easter....

  5. Wow that was sheer eye candy. So many cute things. Thanks for sharing

  6. Wow that was sheer eye candy. So many cute things. Thanks for sharing

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