Sunday, 25 March 2018

Card Night with Friends

Feeling very tired this morning, punishment for having too much fun last night... We have known these guys for 30 years and in the early days, when the kids were small, use to play cards every week as we were all neighbours.  Now we play several times a year as we now have grown kids, grandkids and lots of other stuff going on in our lives.  It is always great to get together and reminisce over the 'olden days'.  One story always comes up was about our middle son when he was about 3.  He literally lived in his batman costume, except for when I could peel it off of him to wash it.  Anyhow this particular day, while he was wearing this costume, he decided it would be a great idea to visit next door (while wearing his outfit) and bounce on Jimmy's apprentices car...  Jimmy said he shouted 'oi' and our son took off like a lightning bolt.  We were so lucky that Jimmy is a great guy because he thought it was the funniest thing he had ever seen.. Our son would quite often turn up on his door step asking for cookies too, which they obliged and then would send him home.. Mind you, we did have a six foot fence around our yard to prevent this same said kid from escaping but he always managed to get out..
Bloody kid, use to drive me nuts.. lol

Anyhow back to cards... as you can see by my card hand - its pretty crappy, yep lost probably a whole 60c, mind you, I only started with $3, so no too bad for a night of fun.   30 years ago we use to play with 1c and 2c pieces, now we play with 5c and 10c pieces...  Its always great getting together, oh and don't let the table void of food mislead you - we always start off with a BBQ and dessert before starting and then move onto cards...cant get sticky fingers on those
I wonder if it is too early to go back to bed...maybe I should have morning tea first...
night all.


  1. its so great you still manage to get together for some good food and fun cards.... been ages since I had a card night but they used to be such fun...