Tuesday, 6 March 2018

A Tuesday Girl's Birthday

Our very own, Miss Teresa, is celebrating her birthday with us today and if you think we were going to celebrate in the 'normal' way then you would be mistaken..
We threw Miss Cass a '6 year olds' birthday party - yep that's right - a bunch of mature women acting like children... I like to think of it as encouraging the inner child in each of us...
We had 'freddo frog ice cream cake and a princess tiara (which miss cass didn't always have on).
We played games - A minty hunt..  not the greatest photos as it was an overcast day..
We also played - pass the parcel..  I think they may have had a little too much sugar by this stage..
We ate fairy bread, lollies, and toasted sandwiches..  As unappealing as fairy bread sounds, it was a big hit..
We did an activity which was painting tea cups - these are now drying and will be baked at another
time...  We are thinking of turning them into pin cushions if they turn out ok.
We had pressies... I didn't get a photo of all the pressies but here are a few...

We had show n tell - well actually, we all bombarded into Helen's sewing room to check out her 'Miss Matty's Parlour quilt..  Well done Miss Helen - looking fabulous..
Oh and we made a mess - Helen placed the ice cream cake back into the freezer because it had started to melt and when she was going to get it out again, she found out it had slid off the plate and into the freezer..  She burst out laughing when she opened the freezer, this of course meant we all raced over to check it out...lol  oh well - it wasn't too bad to clean up..

At the end of the party, with the imaginary parents turning up to pick up their children, and with shouts of - "did you get your lolly bag" and "are those shoes yours" etc, we said good bye and headed home.  Gotta love these girls - always up for a laugh... 
Happy birthday Miss Teresa - aka Miss Cass, we love you heaps..xxx


  1. Looks a great party....

  2. Happy birthday to Miss T....... Omg you girls sure had fun......

  3. lol you guys are crazy ,boy what fun and i couldnt help but laugh about the ice cream cake sliding of the plate,lol,What a wonderful way to celebrate Teresa's birthday and love Helen's Miss Matty xx

  4. happy birthday to Teresa!
    sure looks like you girls had some fun...great idea for a party.
    love Helens quilt.

  5. Haha what a fun party! Love the games & pass-the-parcel... And how genius to have Fairy Bread - so 'not correct' these days apparently, but so yum to eat regardless!

  6. Thought I heard some noise coming from down there - what a lark!!