Monday, 5 February 2018

Who said it was February?

February??? what happened to January??? Ugh.. don't tell me this year is going to disappear as fast as last year did..
Anyhow I have a little catching up..
We have had two birthdays in our house for January.  Firstly is our youngest son, Jaxon, no parties or dinners this year as Jaxon and his fiancĂ© are moving into their first home.  We didn't want his birthday to go unnoticed so we delivered a small chocolate cake and gifts to him before work..
 Happy birthday gorgeous boy..we love you heaps..xx
 The second birthday for January is our eldest daughter, Ellesha (Elle)..  Again it was a busy work day for her so hubby and I turned up at her work with a small chocolate cake, flowers and gifts..
Happy birthday beautiful girl, we love you heaps..xx
While birthdays were happening, our youngest daughter wasn't very well and we had visits with doctors and the hospital.  Amelia was so sick, she camped on a mattress on the floor in our bedroom for 6 nights - this hasn't happened since she was a youngster.. This seemed like the best place to keep an eye on her as she hardly moved over those days..  She is feeling much better now and is of course, mums room has gone back to being uncool to hang out in..  lol  oh well, it was novel while it lasted..
While in hospital we took some photos (mum and dad were getting bored waiting around, and she wasn't talking much) so we got a little snap happy after playing with everything in the room.  Sorry for the photos but I thought I might as well add them for a reminder later on..
Last week at the get-together with The Tuesday Girls, the beautiful Teresa gave us all pressies..
I am now the proud owner of a gorgeous steering wheel cover.. How pretty is this and it matches my blue car..  I must say the first words that hubby spoke when he saw it was - where's his?
Thank you Miss Cass, I love it
The Tuesday Girls are working on a project as a group and I have finished mine.. It's called "Home For Christmas"..
I'm going away next week for two weeks and wanted to get it finished before I left..  I have added some snow flake buttons to embellish mine..  This is going to be perfect for my little stand..
The winners of my give-away were drawn earlier and here is a quick snap of the prizes before they were put in the post..

Congratulations girls again on your win.. and thanks for following me and my journey through life..
that's all today..


  1. Hi Sandi my parcel arrived today ,i am about to open it when i get a chance to sit down. I am so glad Amelia is feeling alot better,boy she sure looks unwell in that photo poor love.
    I love your home for xmas it looks fantastic and how gorgeous is Teresa actually all you girls are gorgeous.A big happy birthday to your January children how lovely you and Wayne surprised them with gifts and cake,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

  2. So pleased to hear the miss is on the mend.....

  3. Happy birthday to your son and daughter. So glad Amelia is on the mend....hospitals are definitely not fun places to hang out in. Congrats to all those lucky winners....such lovely little parcels.

  4. Glad to hear Amelia is all OK now....Happy Birthday to Jaxon and Elle

  5. gorgeous way to celebrate birthdays for big kids!
    hope Amelia is feeling much better now.
    thank you for my gorgeous gift it arrived today.

  6. Did they find out what was wrong with Amelia.... poor girl - rough time for all of you.... lovely to take pressies and cake for the birthday childrens.... I love my prize.. thank you.... and great sewing happening at your place.... love the wheel cover too