Sunday, 11 February 2018

Sea Princess Cruise to New Zealand - Day 1

Bon Voyage...
Today was the first day of our 14 day cruise to New Zealand, sailing on the Sea Princess.. Now I have worked out that I have taken around 800 photos while away, and seeing as I don't want to put 800 photos on my blog, I have decided to group most of them.  This is home for the next 14 days and that's how we felt about the ship too, with comments about heading 'home' while ashore etc..
 See ya later Brisbane...  Photos of the Brisbane river - the bottom two were taken when we were going under the Gateway Bridge - looks like we were going to hit it...not a chance..
We were traveling with friends - Nor and her hubby (Tuesday Girl) and Jimmy and Dale (long time friends of 30yrs) and a couple of friends of Dale and Jimmy - Annette and Merv.  As it turned out - Annette and Nor knew each other from when they were younger, so this turned out to be a nice surprise as none of us knew until we met for dinner..
Me, Wayne and Jimmy on the top deck..  I had my first cocktail as we sailed out of port..
Our room and the pool deck with the huge movie screen.
 Out at sea - nothing to be seen for miles...  we were having beautiful weather without knowing that back home was being hit with a storm..
After exploring the ship, our group got together for dinner in the Rigoletto Dining room, it was here that Nor and Annette worked out that they knew each other.  Some of us then headed to The Princess Theatre, to watch tonight's entertainment - David Aiken - a comedian juggler..  It was a pretty good show.  We headed to bed early - exhausted from all the excitement of the day.. Our 'cabin boy' was called 'Aditya' and boy did he look after us - I do love going to bed each night with a little choccie on my pillow - can I take him home...pleaaase...
Well that ends day 1..
cya tomorrow..

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