Sunday, 25 February 2018

Sea Princess Cruise to New Zealand - day 12, 13, & 14

At sea...heading home..
We have both slowed right down - and I am feeling a little home sick - I can't wait to see the kids, grandkids, Maci and The Tuesday Girls again...and my home....
A small glimpse into the foods consumed while on board..
 And of course a small glimpse of some of the cocktails tried....
I have walked passed this corridor several times and glanced at the displays, always thinking I will stop and have a good look, but never quite got there until our journey home..  Better do it now or I wont get another chance..  It was hard to take photos as the glass was very reflective, but there were about 6 large displays in all and each of them held memorabilia from Marlene Dietrich's Estate..
Gorgeous dresses, vintage suitcases and photos...  I am so glad I didn't miss it, I would have been so disappointed..  I took a heap of photos but they were just too glary.. anyhow here are a couple..

As we were heading into Brisbane we waited in the Wheelhouse Bar and I thought I would snap a couple of photos in here too..

Each day we had a list of activities delivered to our room with "what's on offer" for the next day..
Here is an example of what we could have done with a couple of high lighted item that we marked ourselves..  Mind you, by now we were quite happy to "veg out"...
I did manage one more movie under the stars - Wonder - staring Julia Roberts... another one I wanted to see... Loved it... would watch it again... great feel good movie...
We played bingo on the last day and Wayne hit golf balls into the spa (arranged activity not trying to kill
I did get a little stitching done - ...
3 Ruth's quilt stitcheries - not ironed.
 These three little stitcheries for a future project.. again not ironed..
And I read one book... which I enjoyed immensely .. 
For our last night we all chose to get together in the Traviata Dining Room, and what a blast that turned out to be..  At 7 o'clock the crew started singing Waltzing Matilda, which we all sang along too, while they waiters danced around the room (about 20 of them) while holding trays of Baked Alaska's on them...  Amazing atmosphere and everyone was singing, clapping and waving our napkins around...  This was such a great way to end the trip....   and the baked alaska was delicious...
Hellooooooo Brisbane...  even though we have gone from wearing jumpers etc, to coming home to hot humid day, I am still happy to be home...  (and after all - I do have air con so the humidity is only annoying a little).
Things I will miss - first of all, what comes to mind first - is Aditya our cabin boy - I am going to miss him heaps... He made our bed several times a day, he left chocolates on my pillow every night, picked up my wet towels and replaced them and cleaned up the cabin every day - how can I get one of them for home. I am not sure I even remember how to make a cup of coffee any more.. 

I am home now - all unpacked and hugged the kids that are at home - the rest will be hugged in the next couple of days...  I have patted Maci, who has not left my side since getting home... and have made a couple of cups of coffee, phew didn't forget after all.. 
I have hung our cruise tags up for now, but I will take them off their clips later and pop them into the memory box.
I have some facts to add here just because I can, before I sign off..
We travelled 3785 Nautical Miles = 4350 statute miles (1 nautical mile = 1.15 statute mile).
The Sea Princess holds a maximum 2270 passengers and 854 crew..(that's approx. 2.65 passengers for each crew person)  No wonder we were well looked after.  

I'm going now - all worn out - glad to be home but not sorry we went..  Had a ball...
Now to re-cooperate....


  1. Looks like you have had a simply fabulous time away! I can't get my Hubbie on a cruise or we would have done a couple by now as I did one when I was 18 before I met him and it was fabulous!!!
    No matter where I'm living, flying into Brisbane always feels like coming home again! I guess you just can't take the Brissie out of a girl lol!

  2. Glad you had a fun time - always nice to be back home though.