Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Sea Princess Cruise to New Zealand - day 11.

Now I am starting to get worn out and am slowing down a bit..  today four of us decided the best way to see a few places was to get on board a double decker touring bus..  These were great - they did two circuits - both lasting an hour each and came pass every 15 minutes.  For $45 per person, you could get on and off as many times as you like and do one or both circuits, and they visited a lot of the main tourist spots.. Too easy...
We were always on the top deck - such  a great viewing spot for the sites..
We did get out a few times - the first being the Auckland Museum..  This place was massive, can you see the little people (ants) at the base of the building..  Great spot too - perched up on a hill... well done Auckland..
We also got out at the Aquarium but didn't bother to go in... I did love their bus though..  My grandkids would love to ride this one..  how cool..
The Sky Tower was another visit, but there was no way I was going up - I was going to keep my pretty little feet on the ground...

There was a Japanese display at the bottom which matched the humungous chandelier inside the tower foyer.
Lots of old buildings to be seen... lots of new ones too but I liked the old ones...
 The first photo here is of an old narrow building being dwarfed by two modern tall buildings... very cute..
 I am looking at this next photo and for the life of me cannot decide If it was taken in Auckland or Wellington, - It was on a bus tour but not sure which  did I mention I was getting tired..
Time to go home (the ship) and tonight we head off on our journey back towards home...
The Maori Folkloric Show "Haka The Legend" was being performed on the ship before we set sail and this was definitely a must to see..  Absolutely brilliant - very talented group...  not very talented photos
That's all...looking forward to bed....

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