Monday, 19 February 2018

Sea Princess Cruise to New Zealand - day 9

The "Art Deco City" of New Zealand..
This city was like turning back the clocks to the 1930's.  The buildings were in the 'Art Deco" style and their were heaps of shops that had 1930's clothing and accessories, oh and there are also lots of old 1930's cars here too..
We walked around town in the morning - venturing into shops and meandering around the streets..
During one of the documentaries on Napier, we were informed about a statue in which everyone that passes by, rubs the dogs nose - hence the shiny nose.  We just happened upon it while strolling around town and yep, you guessed it - the dogs nose got a rub...    Naughty Jimmy, cant take you
I found an op shop selling bits and pieces and in the window was this gorgeous Blue Onion Cookie jar - so I popped inside to see how much - bonus only $10.. I hope I can get it home in one piece..

We also came across artistic pieces around town too - I love this enormous bunch of flowers..
We then headed to the Aquarium for a bit of touristy stuff..
Imagine being eaten by this...luckily this kind of shark are not around any more - extinct you might say, thank god is what I would say..
 I had to take a photo of this - I found Nemo and Dory...
 A very large turtle was trying to take a closer look at me...nope buddy - keep moving - I'm not food...
 Now this guy was watching me closely too and I knew he just wanted his photo taken... he even did a wave...
This is where Napier hold concerts - lovely gardens too..
 We came across these flowers - Jimmy thought they were from the hibiscus family but I haven't got a clue - I do know they were large and gorgeous...
 Last of all we took a little stroll on the 'beach'..  Not quite like our beaches - this beach was made of little, and large, dark grey rocks - perfect for skimming from what the documentary says..
Back on board we watched - Saving Mr Banks..
Another tiring day, well spent..

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