Sunday, 18 February 2018

Sea Princess Cruise to New Zealand - day 8

Six of us did a bus tour around town today - this was great as my feet were starting to complain..
 Before the tour started, we walked around a little, looking at the buildings and artworks..  This was probably the most fanciest Burger King store I have ever seen..
 Lots of artistic displays to look at..
I love their bollards - how cute are they..
The tour took us for a ride in the cable car first up to a lookout ..
 We then went to the Wellington Botanical Gardens...
 Lovely rose garden here - yep - I'm bias..
Lunch of course was a must - New Zealand's famous yummy Cheese scones and a fruit stick for me..
Old St. Paul's Church..  gorgeous..
So many things to look at..  Gotta pat the dog...
 Mount Victoria Lookout..  views everywhere you turn...
 Still Mt. Victoria....
More pretty Gardens... 
Afternoon movie on deck - Hunt for the Wilderpeople staring Sam Neill. (A great New Zealand film).
Movie under the stars - Murder on the Orient Express - woo hoo - haven't seen this one yet either..
Another fabulous day.. but getting very worn out...

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  1. Looks like a wonderful trip... you are seeing some great sites...