Friday, 16 February 2018

Sea Princess Cruise to New Zealand - day 6

We arrived at Dunedin early and jumped into a hire car, previously booked.  Dale and Jimmy came in the car too, and our first stop was the 'must see' Lanarch Castle..
We have always wanted to visit this Castle and it did not disappoint us one bit..
We loved exploring this place - timber staircases, glassed in verandas, amazing ceilings..
 We had a Devonshire tea in the ball room..  I couldn't stop looking up..  oh and cheese scones were on the menu for today - yummy..
 Don't you just love the sewing case - I did think of trying to sneak it into my bag..  how gorgeous is it..
 Again - looking up and around ..
 We climbed the tower - what an amazing view they have.. you could see for miles in every direction..
 Oh and the tiles - I could see quilts every time I looked at them..
 The stairwell leading up to the tower... a snug fit..and steep..
 The beautiful staircase in the middle of the castle..
Gorgeous antique furniture to be seen everywhere..

 Exploring the gardens.. I love the greenhouse and the statues..
 It so pretty here, we could have stayed all day, but alas we need to head off and explore some more of Dunedin.. ok one more photo of the gardens..
Pretty flowers and enormous bees..
We then headed off to Tunnel Beach - there are two beaches here, side by side, but separated by a rocky cliff, so way back, they decided to dig a man made tunnel connecting the two..  it was well worth the visit and we did get a delicious New Zealand ice cream here too..

Off again - this time into town to do a little shopping and to check out the train station..
 I wonder why we don't have train stations like this in Australia - it was massive and absolutely worth visiting...
Starting to tire out now, so we headed back to 'home' (the ship)...  Tonight's Cabaret show
is "Buddy's Back" staring Scot Robin.. He sang a lot of Buddy Holly songs, as well as Jerry Lee Lewis and Dean Martin, and of course, Fred Astair etc..  Great show and we all could sing along too which was fun.. 
We had dinner in the Traviata Dining Room tonight..
Tonight's movie - Battle of The Sexes - loved it - I hadn't seen this one and was so glad I got to watch it.. I loved the men's shirts - "I'm a chauvinistic pig" - I can just imagine someone trying to get away with wearing one of them at this point in time...

Well very tired now - must retire..
night all.

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