Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Sea Princess Cruise to New Zealand - day 4

Today is Valentines day ..  and hubby did not forget, and surprised me with two new charms for my  Bracelet..
I didn't put much thought into Valentines day as we were on a cruise after all.  In the morning I got up, had a shower and then gotten dressed.  I didn't even see that he had placed two little boxes on my pillow. 
One charm has two little doves inside a heart and the other one reads ' Follow Your Heart'.. thank you sweetheart, I love them both..   The ship had  valentines day displays too - lots of heart shape cakes and decorations around the place..
We watched some documentaries on New Zealand today - catching up on interesting things to do while visiting each port.  This was very handy as it helped us decide what to do in some of the places we didn't know much about..
Another gym session today - I think I need about, oh I don't know, maybe a thousand more sessions to counteract all the food and drink intake...
The valentines movie today was - You've Got Mail..
We played cards tonight on the pool deck - always fun..

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