Monday, 12 February 2018

Sea Princess Cruise to New Zealand - day 2

We have a couple of days at sea, so this gave us the opportunity to do some activities on the ship..
Dale and Wayne took in the 'Texas Hold'Em Demonstration', where they were shown how to play the game and were given a $5 token - both of them decided to save their tokens as keepsakes.
Both Jimmy and Wayne participated in the 'Carpet Bowls Challenge', which was great to watch while sampling another cocktail.. 
Later that day they also participated in the 'Bean Bag Toss Challenge' which Jimmy took out first place.. congrats Jimmy..
I didn't take any photos today so just a short recap of the day..
We watched most of the Annie Lennox concert on the big screen and then headed to The Princess Theatre to watch the "Sweet Soul Production'.. This was very entertaining with lots of singing and dancing.  We finished the night by heading to the '80's Dance Hour' in the Legends Bar.  This was just a tad disappointing because the DJ didn't play much 80's music that we were familiar with, but still it was a great night and it gave us a chance to do a little dancing..
That was it for today besides a little 'on ship' shopping and lots of eating.. 

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