Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Sea Princess Cruise to New Zealand - day 3

We had a bit of a laid back day today - lots of swims - I love being in the pool when the ship is rocking a little as it adds to the fun.. Wayne and I were spending a fair bit of time in the pool and spas, as well as heading to the gym for a bit of a workout (need to start counteracting the in-take of food and cocktails).
Four of us got together for a few games of Shuffle Board - this was such a laugh..and so much fun, might have to make one of these for home..  Not the greatest of photos but definitely a fun game especially with these guys..
We have been playing cards with Jimmy and Dale for 30 years now - mostly in the early days but we still get together now and then and do the 'old' card night..  It was great being in one place together because every time we found ourselves waiting to the next activity to start, we could have a quick game or two..  always a laugh with these two..

Movie today was Mamma Mia - an all-time  favourite...
We finished the night with a little dancing at the Crooner's Bar, and listening to our pianist - Maurizio belt out a few tunes..
That's all today..

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