Friday, 9 February 2018

Last Week

The Tuesday Girls get together this week found me stitching one of the Ruth's Quilt stitcheries while enjoying some scrumptious Danish pastries supplied by our gorgeous Nor..  I think this one has my count for February's count to 1. Yep - I know it is meant to add up to three finishes a month but nope,
not happening this month yet (there is still some days left of this month - fingers crossed)..
I also, and don't ask how, got talked (suckered?? Bullied??) into joining in with the Circle Quilt stitch-along.. How...mmmm.... not sure actually but I do know it had something to do with Miss Helen..
Anyhow, seeing as I will be on holidays for a few weeks, I thought I had better catch up.  We are supposed to complete four a month but I did some maths (don't laugh) and realised that I wanted it to be a little larger than what the four a month would add up to, so I am hoping to get five a month done.
Here are January and February's blocks..  I have chosen to go dark with my quilt too, just cause I can..
These photos are terrible - the true colours are black backgrounds with dark shades of green prints..
I might see if I can get better photos sometime down the track...

 My mother and step-father were visiting this week and we all decided to head to the Fox and The Hound for lunch..  They loved it and we did too, of course..
 Mum walked round the whole pub checking out all their decorations...
 We had heaps to eat - way too much to eat.. I had to drive home as hubby and Graham sampled more than just the infamous 'Foxy Lady" ginger beer cider..   It was a great day out - the boys slept of their sampling for the rest of the day which gave me some time to catch up on my stitching..
Hubby and I have been cooking out own pizzas lately and I just wanted to add a couple of photos to this post.  I am always a mushroom pizza fan but I do have a soft spot for roasted pumpkin, feta and baby spinach pizza too.. Oh dear - too yummy..

Well that's all for me - heading off in a couple of days - the kids have commented about a party or two while we are away...I'm not worried so long as they stay out of my sewing
cheers all.


  1. I think I read those exact words from Jen regarding helen and the circle game..... Lol

  2. You can do it Sandi. It's just 2 more little stitcheries. :) lol. Love your circles. I did think of joining in after seeing everyone's but as soon as i'm away from the computer i forget all about them. Ha ha. Your pizzas look so yummy. Hugs,xx

  3. Hi Sandi i love those pizzas i love mushroom,pumpkin,spinach,feta too and you cant beat homemade.
    Love your circles and how lovely you got to spend some time with your family,hope ou have a lovely time away xx

  4. You're right Sandi... still a couple of weeks remain in the month for you to do some more... or not!

  5. Does that tag say "started in 2017??? got a "finished in 2018" as well??
    Circles for you too?- they look like moons - lovely = there was a bit of pressuring today from the same Miss Helen...I am slowly succumbing.

  6. And I think you should volunteer for pizza duty in November.

  7. I love your circles and the dark backgrounds.... lovely to have some family time and home made pizza's are so very good...