Sunday, 21 January 2018

Sunday Stitchers

Today the Sunday Stitchers had their first get together for 2018.. what a great day today was...lots of show 'n' tell, chatting, food, laughing and of course, stitching..
We are all doing a UFO challenge this year and so today was the "show 'n' tell" for the number 2 spot..
Here are our achievements..  Well done girls - they all look stars all round..
 Tatyana and De...
 Michelle and Inca...
 Alison, Teresa and Norreen..
 Marilyn and Helen...
 Mine again.
I did mention food too..
Today I finished a project The Tuesday Girls are working on together..I think I am the last to finish.
This is a Marg Low candle mat pattern named Holiday Fun..
 A better view..

I am going to add a photo here of some flowers my youngest daughter bought and I thought the colours were just amazing...  very pretty..
I would  just like to  remind everyone of the give away I am having at the moment..please read the previous post if you wish to enter - closing date is the 26th January..
That's all for me today...


  1. Hi Sandi what a lovely show and tell,all the finished projects are lovely,well done ladies and loe the colours of the flowers too,good choice Amelia xx

  2. Great pics! Loved all the food - esp yours. The flowers are gorgeous - just my colour - I think the purple ones are lisianthus....maybe.

  3. Such lovely ladies to stitch with. Lots of beautiful show and tell.
    The candle mat is gorgeous.
    Beautiful flowers your youngest daughter gave.

  4. Fabulous show & tell. Love your candlemat. Hugs, xx

  5. Show and tell is great and I love that you are all working on your UFO's... the candle mat is so pretty and so are the flowers...

  6. Your candle mat is just lovely. I loved all the show and tell yesterday....ohhh and the Tim Tam truffles xx

  7. So much amazing work from the ladies Sandi... and your candle mat is just lovely... well done!

  8. wow you guys have been busy...lots of lovely finishes! yum that food looks good...pretty flowers

  9. Wonderful photos, thank you Sandi! Lovely candle mat too :)


  10. great work by the girls..........nice show and tell