Thursday, 11 January 2018

Needle Books and Pin Cushions

Before Christmas I started making some little pin cushions with matching needle books. I like the small ones because they are handy to add to a project bag or to take away with me on my travels. Well as usual time seemed to disappear and they just sat there unfinished.  January was here and I did not want it to flitter away and have nothing to show for it.  I had planned on a set for each of The Tuesday Girls - each one with a print that I thought would bring happy memories.. 
So for Teresa, I chose a Parisian - something to remind her of her journey to Paris when her boys when they were little.
For Helen, I chose a Venetian theme to remind her of her travels abroad with her daughter and
For Nor - she was a little trickier as I am not sure where she had fond memories of, so I took a different tangent.  Nor had mentioned on several occasions that she would love to visit Ireland, where her father had come from, so I found a picture of 'old' Ireland for her..
I don't have a photo of Nor's set (I forgot to take photo's and had to steal from the other girls for a photo) but I do have a set with the same front picture but Nor's one is done with blue fabric..
I am known for making several of the one item and this time was no exception, so with a surge of mojo, I put together all these...  This is my little production line..
Here are some of them finished off..

I still have quite a few to finish but I am sure they will be handy for something - maybe a swap or a birthday or I could become the queen of pincushions and needle books - one for each day of the week.
Anyhow I will put them up as I finish them - hopefully while still in January. 
Last Tuesday was the first get together for The Tuesday Girl for 2018  - it was fun catching up with each other and chat about our Christmas break.  Helen gave us all a magnetic calendar which I have placed near my sewing machine for quick references to.  Thanks miss Helen and thank you Miss Sarah Patchwork Plus in Tasmania..
That's all for today - hopefully this blogging thing will be a bit more regular this year..(fingers crossed)..


  1. Love the needle books and pin cushions, glad I have one lol.....

  2. They are so sweet. Boy you did get a lot done....well done to you x

  3. Love these little pictures and how you've used them

  4. Hi Sandi oh these are so cute and boy you are sure on a roll with these,they will make great gifts for the gift box,well done my friend xx

  5. They are all lovely. Well done on getting the mall made. Hugs,xx

  6. How sweet are those.... did you find and print the pictures yourself? very cleve

  7. Wow what a line-up of items! you're going to be a busy lady with all them!