Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Greenmount Mini-Break

Hubby and I decided on the weekend that we would get away for a few days, but where to was the question.  After lots of deliberation and searches on line we decided to head to Greenmount beach, near Cooloongatta.
There was a resort there that hubby, as a child, always wanted to stay at and I'm glad we chose here as while there, we found out it is going to be rebuilt into residential units.. We did four days, three nights and can now cross this place off our 'bucket list'..
On the first day we did the beach walk - and pretty well did nothing else - we were both feeling run down lately being able to tune out from the world was wonderful..
Hubby found this amazing pizza joint, Francies, and we had the most amazing wood fired pizza - it was called Pears Brosnan. I will confess that this pizza was so yummy that we had it on night two too..
 Our walks were wonderful - I always love the sand between my toes and we did a bit of exploring around, what hubby recalls, as the old Porpoise pools that used to be on the beach front..
Later that evening we climbed into the spa on the roof top of where we were staying..
Day two saw us heading to the cinemas at Tweed Heads - how cool, all the theatres here have electronic reclining chairs..  Although I was a little apprehensive, we watched Daddy's Home 2, and I'm glad we did - it was great, would definitely watch it again and its set a Christmas time so even better..
Our third day had us heading out on a road trip to The Farm at Byron Bay..  I loved this place, I could stay here forever..
 We walked around the farm - at first finding ourselves in the Macadamia/Pecan Orchard.. I love orchards - rows of trees..  Here we found tables set up under the trees so you can crack any nuts you find, and there were heaps of nuts everywhere..
In the middle of the orchard, you will find a 'gratitude' seat - somewhere to just sit and appreciate your surroundings or anything else you might think of..
 Sunflowers were showing us their amazing flowers and  pigs were foraging around their pens..did I mention I want to stay here..
I came across a shed where they were drying garlic - what a brilliant idea if you have heaps of garlic.  They were drying them in rio bar, which takes about six weeks - don't they look amazing..
Mr Rooster was wondering around the café area which thrilled the kids there - he was so friendly that they were taking turns at picking him up and having their photos taken with him..
 Coffee time - love their 'mug rugs' 
Now you would think being an Australian that I would have tried a Davidson Plum before today but nope, not until today..  I have always been a bit sceptical after hearing many times of its tartness - but this Davidson Plum ice-cream was amazing...  I ate it all sharing here..
 The Farm didn't miss a trick - just look at the boy farmer and girl farmer toilet door signs...
We checked out the free range chooks - yep they were very happy and the vegie plots..
I love that this farm has a policy of giving back to the community - they make 550 meals a week for the needy.  The gardens also supply  ingredients for the café and restaurant - straight from farm to plate - no waste..  Can I pleeeease stay here - I'll just pitch a tent under the macadamia tree, way over in the back corner..
What did I buy -  all this...
Organic chocolate, organic bananas and raspberries (this are for dinner),  two Portuguese tarts (dessert), some Mustard grains (for the pantry) , a huge Russian Garlic bulb (which I want to break up and plant) and new Cook book (this one has the recipe for the Portuguese tarts in)..
I loved this place and will definitely come back - it covers a lot of my favourite things - animals, gardens, orchards, delicious food, pantry supplies and ice cream...
We finished the night with another dip in the spa, looking up at the stars and the one satellite dish going on its way..

Day four had us packing up and taking the LOOOONG way home.  Our trip home should have taken about an hour but it took us about 5... lol
We turned a return trip home into a road trip - through The Currumbin Valley, and the Numinbar Valley..
We got lost at one stage - no cell service and here we were parked on the side of the road (in what seemed like the middle of no-where) trying to work out where we were..
We could see the sign - RED RATTLERS CAFE - across the road and up a bit but didn't take too much notice, I was thinking - rattlers - snakes - yeah not my cup of tea..lo
Anyhow as we drove past, we realised the Rattler meant rattler as in train carriages..  U-turn needed straight away and we went in..
They have two carriages, set side by side with a patia area connecting the two - between the two..
This is a photo of the front..
The first carriage is where you order and they have a craft/art shop for you to look around...
The patio and the second carriage is where you eat - we just had to sit inside, of course.
 We both had the scones - delicious - homemade and 'real' cream too.
Some close ups of interest and the view outside our carriage window..
The PTC NSW is branded into all the leather seats.
 There were some photos on the wall showing what they looked like when they first purchased them - so run down, it was wonderful someone could see past the work and see the finished item..
Being lost didn't matter anymore, not that it did much anyway, and if we hadn't stopped on the side of the road, we would have missed this place and that would have been disappointing..
Our bellies full, and a check of the maps on the walls and we were off once again..
Our next stop was Buck's Farm - a real country out-of-the-way place.  Here I bought some Finger limes and an a jap pumpkin..
Buck's farm is located at Chillingham - this little town has a few gorgeous buildings, mind you, there are only a few buildings full stop in the whole town, but I found these ones pretty nice.
The countryside is gorgeous out here - green hills, rain forests, babbling brooks, open fields and pretty blue skies - all these make for a great day.
It's wonderful to be home now - we had a fabulous 'mini break' and are both feeling recharged and enthusiastic once again for this years adventures, whatever they may be...
I'm looking forward to trying my new cook book out - might even post about what I have cooked
(but only if it looks


  1. What a lovely trip away..... you found some lovely little treasures to visit...

  2. How great was your adventure away. DD and family had a visit a week ago to Byron Bay Farm....loved especially the plum ice cream. Love a new discovery down a "we're lost"road x

  3. You had such a lovely little mini break in my "neck of the woods" so to speak. You went to the movies at "Tweed City" a 3 minute drive from my place, yes they have only just VERY recently been renovated and changed to recliners in all the theatres. We went for the first time in early December to watch The latest Thor movie. Oh I love the Red Rattlers Café you found down at Murwillumbah. I will definitely ask hubby to take me down there to check it out. WOW you definitely did take the long road home.