Sunday, 7 January 2018

Family Stuff

My youngest daughter is enjoying her new found 'freedom' from not being a high school student anymore..  Today she decided to colour her hair.. I think it looks great - it is a semi permanent so it wont last too long but I kinda hope it lasts a little while..
Amelia was showing me this 'cow' she was given at Christmas time..  what a crack up..
This cow starts off like this..
And then ends up like this...
You blow it up like a balloon... lol -
Actually, now that I think about it - it kinda reminds me of me after Christmas
It certainly is the funniest 'balloon' I have seen in a while...
Amelia has been amusing herself with her new found freedom by making candles - this is the one she gave me - too cute to use, I wonder why I am now thinking about food...
 Amelia, while in my room chatting, brought in a red monkey that she had been given as well.
Maci took one look at it and decided it was hers..
 I don't think she will be getting this back...
That's all for me..


  1. Hi Sandi i love Amelia's hair,she is such a beautiful young lady and that cow made me laugh,lol. Wow Amelia is so clever that candle is so cute think she might take after her mum in the clever stakes,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

  2. Lovely for Amelia to be enjoying her end of school down time....cute hair xx

  3. Can't blame Amelia for going all out!
    And I suspect that monkey is lost to her now.

  4. Love the hair, my daughter did her hair as soon as she finished school too .... I love that cow... we had dinosaurs that did that in our house...