Saturday, 8 December 2018

The Tuesday Girls Advent Calendar

We Tuesday girls have been doing an advent calendar for each other for the past couple of years and this year we didnt break with tradition.
 Here is a photo of my stash waiting to have their wrappings ripped off in an unlady-like manner. .lol
Day 1...pretty little scissors..
Day 2... 4 coasters
Day 3... pretty notebook.
Day 4...glasses case
Day 5...something funny.
Day 6...pot holder.
 Day 7...small tin + surprise inside.
Day 8...wild card..
Nor gave me all these fabulous gifts and I think she has done a brilliant job.. I love how my coasters match my notebook and I don't know how, but she got so many things in the tin including another tin..very clever... love them all.. thanks Nor - love you heaps.💋 ..

Friday, 7 December 2018

Random Photo's of The Tuesday Girl's

Now I can not remember which day we did this, but we got a bit carried away one day with apps on our phones... here are some of the results...

Too many giggles and probably toooo much sugar...heheheheh

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Miss Helen's Birthday Outing

 Miss Helen is celebrating a birthday and, of course, us Tuesday Girls don't do anything light hearted..
Open some pressies first Miss Helen... I only got one photo of this part so you can pop over to Helen's blog to catch up on the rest..

Road Trip was decided - first of all to The Wheel at Southbank..  We are going all the way up there....but it's sooooo high...
Norreen wanted to hide...
 Taking photo's left, right and centre...

 Elf on a Shelf came along for the day, but that's was for my grandkids, so I wont put any of those photo's here.. except this one...

 Looking up Southbank...
 After this, we headed to The Pancake Manor... Unfortunately I didn't get many photo's without the elf so I will have to add them too..
Such a gorgeous old building (church) and delicious pancakes to boot...

We then headed into Queen Street to check out the Myer Christmas windows and then to pay a visit to Santa..
Yep, that's correct, we went to see santa..
We boarded the train, went on a magical train ride, and then entered Santa's room where we all got to chat with him and have some photo's taken...

 Mickey's 90 NOT HELEN...LOL

 What a great day.. Happy birthday Miss Helen..  hope you have a fantastic birthday filled with lots of laughs.... Love you heaps...xxxxx

Sunday, 2 December 2018

Road Trip With Hubby

 I have been feeling quite irritable lately with not being able to get around, and it has been driving me insane..  Hubby had a job to do on Saturday and suggested that I come with him as I could sit in the truck and not have to do too much walking around..
My chariot today was a 5 ton truck but it had all the modern cons including a good air conditioning unit - yay..

We first went to Bribie Island, it has been ages since I have crossed this bridge and the progress that has been going on since then and now...  Lots of changes..
The we headed inland...second stop.. Blackbutt.  Here we stopped at their famous bakery... oh dear...what will I chose...
Then on to Kingaroy where we visited a home that was built by the Sawtell family in 1912..
The Sawtell family were the ones that owned the soft drink company back when I was a tot...
I love the windows....
 The ceilings inside were still the original metal pressed sort... absolutely stunning to see..
 Now this bathroom was a bit odd - I can work out what the doors at the bottom were for but what was the one at the top??
 This door was on the laundry, so many layers of paint and so many colours..  Someone has taken the effort to sand it back and vanish it to show off its gorgeous colours.  I'd love to turn this into a table.. Oh the stories it could tell...
On the way home we stopped off to buy some farm fresh bowen mangoes...I'm still eating these, and some Kingaroy peanuts..
I love grocery shopping like this...all fresh and kinda, local....

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

A Tuesday Mishap

This Tuesday started out a little different, three of us went for a nice healthy walk before stitching was to start, but unfortunately I landed flat on my face after stepping off the path...Thank goodness the girls were there to help me back which fortunately was only three houses away from home..
I might add, that I was fortunate enough to have them stop laughing enough to help me
The things I have to do to amuse the girls...

 My ankle and foot coped most of the injury..
 My toes showing signs of bruising - I didn't even know you could bruise your

 Not a pretty sight...

   And I also had two slaves on the day - I needed a photo because I don't think this will ever happen
 Miss Teresa supplied morning tea and how  yummy was this... there are even strawberries hidden inside...yum...  and a hexie flower finish tooo....
 In the afternoon I did go and see the doctor - not a pleasant experience but good to know nothing is broken..  Don't like these crutches though - I can see them sitting in the corner of the room and staying there..
Thanks Norreen for giving me a shoulder to lean on to get home, and thanks  Helen for taking hold of the dog lead and my water bottle and thanks Teresa for supplying a delicious snack... not too bad of a day, I suppose...

Friday, 16 November 2018

Miss Teresa Comes Home

Miss Teresa has finally come home after galavanting all round, well, most of the world.. well maybe not the world but it sure did seem like it..  She got to visit a lot of places and to add to her delight, she got to do it with her mum.  I'm so pleased she finally got to do this trip with her mum, it has always been on her bucket list..
We caught up today, only because we missed her and wanted to hear about her travels.  Unfortunately I didn't take any photos of our outing but I did remember to take one of her gifts to us upon her return..
I am sad to say that the nougat no longer exists - it was first to  I use my book mark all the time, the christmas paris ornie is hanging on my tree, the pencil with the charm is in my desk,  lip balm is in my bag and my shopping bag is waiting to be used...  I love them all, thanks Cass, but you really needn't feel the need to spoil us, we are just happy to have you

Monday, 5 November 2018

Swim Spa Arrives

This is going to be hubby's and my new toy... I thought I would take a couple of (dozen) photo's of it being

Now we just have to wait for it to be connected to power....twiddling thumbs impatiently