Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Tuesday with The Girls

We have been laughing a bit today but I have still managed to get some stitching done - a couple of flower hexies are now ready for a project I am working on at the moment..
Some of us are ‘hunting ‘ for more projects to buy but haven’t found anything yet..
Teresa has been working on one of her postcards and it’s the one I chose for her to stitch today.. (she couldn’t decide on which one to do ).. Sandi to the rescue...
That’s all today- still getting used to doing posts on my phone..

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Tuesday Girls Roadtrip

The Tuesday Girls headed to the movies yesterday to see POMS.
All of us enjoy the movie so much that there were talks afterwards
About us all buying Pom poms..  what a laugh... anyhow I’m keeping this simple as Ithis is the first time I have done a post using my iPhone..  let’s hope it works..
Here goes nothing- I’m pushing the send button... xx

Sunday, 3 February 2019

Hello February

My start to has included some sewing and some more photos towards the photo challenge I doing, once again, this month..
Today I made these items for my mum..
This bag is for when she comes and visits, she can put stuff in and as you will see in the next photo..
 It open nice and wide, so she will be able to get items out easily..
I also made a smaller bag for other items...  This one actually fits inside the big bag - just..
Plus two smaller pouches with windows to make seeing whats inside easier...
As well as these bags, I also made a large and medium sized one for myself - but wont add a photo yet as I am making some little ones too...
Now for my photo challenge -
Day.  1.  Matching Pair
Day 2... Texture
Day 3... Play the game.
A Good start to a new month... Now consensus has it that NO ONE wants to know that it is
325 days until Christmas, so I wont mention it...
 cya later

Thursday, 31 January 2019

Goodbye January

I have one more hexie flower done to add to my other ones - small progress but hopefully one day I will have enough done to complete my quilt.
 I have also finished another mini  - number 4..
 And number 5...
 Photo challenge continues -
Day 27.  Purchased
Day 28.. Shoes

 Day 29.. Flowers..
 Day 30.. In the car..
Day 31.. Free Choice..   (Now what theme should I choose - am I tooo predictable?)..
We have had two birthdays at the end of January.. Ellesha,our beautiful eldest daughter, and Jaxon our gorgeous youngest son.
These two celebrate birthdays a day apart so they quite often share a the day.. but we do insist on two birthday cakes.  Two large ice cream cakes from Baskin Robins...yummmm
 Ellesha - being typical Ellesha - decided that she should have the larger cake - only because it was bigger which meant more ice cream..  Jaxon - being typical Jaxon - let her get away with this...
 Not only did Ellesha get away with choosing the larger cake, you should see what she came up with next...
After Jaxon agrees to let her have her way - Ellesha decided that his cake should sit very nicely on top of her cake.. 
 Just as well they get on well...
Sharing the wishes... 
 That's it for me - I think...
oops - just remembered - hubby and I have been having breakfast outside (using my christmas present from Helen - thanks again Helen - love my tea pot)..
Now that's it...I hope...

Saturday, 26 January 2019

1 Item A Month and A Mini

I have join in with the '1 Item A Month' group and needed something quick and easy to make for January..  I have been meaning to give these little ornaments a go for literally years and this group
gave me the push to give them a go..
6 in total...
You can check them out by clicking on the link in my sidebar..
I have also completed the binding on my number 4 mini that I am participating in through Glenrose Patchwork..
The next four photo challenge pics are here...
Day 23.  Door
Day 24.. Tradition
Day 25.. Happy
Day 26. Pop Culture (thank goodness for having a teenager in the house)..
I found this large timber peg in Cairns at Typo, because it was discounted to a $1...I knew it had to come home with me.
 Now it looks like this and is hanging in my bedroom with (at the moment) my photo challenge list..
That's all today.. Not long and January with be gone... Is it too soon to start a 'christmas countdown'?

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

What have I been up to...

Well, one thing - I have been stitching with these lovely ladies..  Tuesdays get together was at my place this week...  We are very busy as you can see .
 Stitching and eating these naughty treats.. thanks Nor...
In my craft room, I have been working on a few things..
Here are two minis that are works in progress..

I am doing The No Fuss stitch-a-long...
 And here are my January Blocks...
I have joined Fee this year and I am attempting to do most of her projects... Click on this link to check it out - http://www.feeslittlecraftsstudio.com/
Here are a bunch of notebooks that I completed - you didn't have to make so many but I had the gear out and figured I would just keep going..
Some calendars also from Fee...
Pop on over to http://www.feeslittlecraftsstudio.com/ here and check out her new project..
Here is a sneaky peak... you will have to go to her site to see what she does with these...
Now here are my photo challenge pics..
Day 8. Morning

Day 9.  In The Kitchen
Day 10.  Black & White

Day 11.  Many
Day 12.. Someone I love..

Day 13..The weather..
Day 14.  Favourite something - Still on the ship so chose this for the present situation..

15.  Close up...
16.  Animal..
17.  A Stranger..

18.  Food..

19.  Where I Slept
20.  Old..

21.  Special...
22.  Water...
Phew - that was a bit of a catch up... Only 9 more photos for my challenge to go..

MMMM What else is new.. 
I have started work on this - a project from my new book..
Now just to stitch it up....

Last but not least - I have finished reading the first Harry Potter and now I have started the second..
I don't know why I am enjoying my re-read of these books - I guess it's been a long time since reading them and then watching the films over and over again over the years..  I had forgotten how much more stuff were in the books..
I suppose I should make a start to my day - lots of housework to be done (aka sewing)...
catchya all later